Celebrating 18 years of Wisconsin 75

Powering our economy, strengthening our community

Companies in Wisconsin’s private sector play a key role in powering the state’s economy and communities. For the 18th year, Deloitte is recognizing 75 of the largest and most successful private companies—the Wisconsin 75—for the impact they make.

Wisconsin 75 eligibility requirements


Must be headquartered in Wisconsin. 


Must have a majority ownership (50+ percent) by an individual, individuals, family, employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), or private equity firm. Public companies (i.e., a company whose voting stock is listed on any exchange or actively traded over the counter) are eligible when greater than 50 percent of the value or vote of the shares are owned by individuals, family, ESOP, or private equity.


Must have a minimum of $50 million in annual sales revenue. The top 75 companies will be ranked by sales revenue. Parent companies must submit an aggregate figure that includes subsidiaries; do not submit separate forms for each subsidiary. Annual sales revenue should be the amount reported on the company’s financial statements. The information provided is kept confidential by Deloitte LLP.

Type of business

Excludes cooperatives and accounting, tax, legal, and consulting services companies. Each company must designate a primary industry on the nomination form to be considered.

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Past winners:

Wisconsin 75 2019 Program

Wisconsin 75 2019 Program: Past, present, and future of Wisconsin

Private companies play a critical role in Wisconsin’s economy. They provide a stable foundation during challenging times—nearly 25 percent of the companies on the 2019 list are 100 years or older. These companies are also an engine for growth and innovation. Nearly 60 percent of the companies on this year’s list reported year-over-year growth.

And the winner is…

Congratulations to the 2019 companies on Wisconsin 75 list. Below are the top five companies on this year’s Wisconsin 75.

Company name City
1. Northwestern Mutual Milwaukee
2. S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. Racine
3. ABC Supply Co. Inc. Beloit
4. American Family Insurance Madison
5. U.S. Venture, Inc. Appleton

Contact us with questions or for more information on nominations for the 2020 program.

Celebrating our private sector: 2019 Wisconsin 75

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