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​Information on potential tax reform is everywhere, creating uncertainty. The discussion starts to get meaningful—and promising—when you look again to see how potential tax reform may impact your company specifically.

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Tax Reform Services for your journey

Tax reform is a journey that reveals challenges and opportunities at each stage. Your journey begins by identifying your starting point; it takes on meaning as you analyze the possible directions; it advances as you prioritize your next steps; it keeps the destination in view through vigilant monitoring.

  • Identify your starting point: Every journey starts where you are right now. But where exactly is that? Deloitte brings together the broad scope of our capabilities to analyze your current state. We’ll look across your business to uncover the potential opportunities and unexpected impacts that tax reform could present. This may include reviewing your tax accounting methods, analyzing your multinational tax planning, evaluating your global employment programs, or considering the potential impacts on your financial reporting. By digging deeper and looking wider, you’ll gain a better understanding of your business and its potential to address or capitalize on tax reform.
  • Analyze your options: There are countless tax reform scenarios, but which ones matter most to your business? Answering that question requires exploring the possibilities and assessing their likely outcomes. We combine our state-of-the-art modeling tool, Tax Reform Navigator (TRN), with our policy insights, tax reform services, and knowledge of your business to reveal more specific understandings of how tax reform could impact your organization. Using TRN and your company’s data, we can analyze a range of “what if” scenarios—including any one of the three tax reform proposals currently on the table, as well as custom scenarios of your own design. This broad-based analysis allows us to look again at what different paths of tax reform may mean for you.
  • Prioritize your planning: You have your scenarios in hand—now what? You can’t plan for every possibility, so prioritization and careful planning are critical. Your Deloitte team will work with you to review the scenario outputs, compare them to your current state, analyze the potential impacts, and prioritize your next steps. Our tax reform services help you go from “what if” to “if then” by providing the clarity you need to focus your planning efforts on the issues that matter most to your company’s well-being.
  • Monitor and take action: Your planning is “done,” but what happens if something changes? And even if it doesn’t, how do you know when you are ready to pull the trigger? Our tax policy team is continuously monitoring the legislative process. Along with our experienced team of on-the-ground specialists, they are uniquely qualified and ready to help you analyze the implications of new changes and move forward with strategic tax plans as policies get approved.

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Helping you stay ahead of tax policy developments

An integral part of our Washington National Tax (WNT) practice, Deloitte’s Tax Policy group provides perspective on the latest corporate tax developments coming out of Congress, the IRS, the Treasury, and the federal courts.

Our Tax Policy team identifies, evaluates, and monitors legislative proposals. And we interpret the practical issues surrounding the application of tax proposals so clients can plan and act with confidence as circumstances change.

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Terri LaRae

Terri LaRae

Tax Reform National Leader | Deloitte Tax LLP

Terri is the national leader of Tax Reform Advisory Services and the Office Tax Managing Partner for Minneapolis. She serves multinational clients in several industries including automotive, aerospace... More

Doug Van Dyke

Doug Van Dyke

Tax Reform West Region Leader | Deloitte Tax LLP

Doug is the west region leader for Tax Reform Advisory Services. He has more than 20 years of experience in US and international taxation to Deloitte's clients, including large multinational clients i... More

Rich Hyman

Rich Hyman

Tax Reform East Region Leader | Deloitte Tax LLP

Richard is the east region leader of Tax Reform Advisory Services, the Philadelphia Office Tax Managing Partner, and the Philadelphia International Tax practice leader. Richard has more than twenty th... More

Jeff Wright

Jeff Wright

Tax Reform Central Region Leader, Deloitte Tax LLP

Jeff is the leader of Deloitte’s US Oil & Gas Tax practice and the central region leader for Tax Reform Advisory Services. He has more than 20 years of experience serving oil and gas clients and has b... More