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Global Information Reporting (GIR)

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Businesses and financial institutions are facing new challenges every day with increasing tax compliance and reporting requirements. In this episode, Deloitte’s Global Information Reporting leaders, Denise Hintzke and Tim Rappoccio, discuss these new compliance standards, how they are being enforced, and what companies and tax functions should expect to see in this space.

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Tax podcast: Global Information Reporting (GIR)

November 17, 2020

In the current environment, tax professionals are investing a lot more time in the information and reporting world to ensure they are meeting new compliance requirements.

In this latest episode, we hear Deloitte Global Information Reporting (GIR) leaders, Denise Hintzke and Tim Rappoccio, discuss how the IRS, OECD, other regulators and foreign governments are applying stricter measures when it comes to the data they receive and with the compliance frameworks being enacted:

I really see two primary trends. The first is around the pace of the new requirements that are being introduced in the US and globally. The second trend is really a movement by governments from just issuing rules to actually enforcing them.

—Denise Hintzke

Global Information Reporting (GIR)
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