Career Tips


  • Tips to stay healthy & energised
    Is school stressing you out lately? We have some tips to keep you healthy and energized
  • How to apply
    We have programmes designed for students to complement the various stages of their academic studies.
  • Dress for success
    Struggling to decide on an outfit for your next interview or the first day at work? Check out our tips on dressing for success.
  • Top tips for defining your internship experience
    Read on to find out more about the 7 most important internship tips and takeaways.
  • Deloitte's interview mantras
    Our Deloitte's interview mantras provide you with guidance on how to be equipped with top skills and knowledge to excel in your interview and leave a lasting impression that defines you.
  • Top tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out
    Did you know that many employers are not only screening hardcopies CVs but also looking at your digital footprints in an increasingly digital world? Your social media profiles may form part of your overall portrait – so it’s time to get professional and make the most of a LinkedIn account.
  • Tips for successful networking
    Networking is an investment in your future. It may sometimes seem as daunting or a waste of time, however, starting early and building relationships now can help your career in the long run.
  • Top resumé tips that will make you shine
    Are you ready to apply for your internship and want to secure the position at Deloitte that you really want? This article shares the top resumé tips that will make you shine.
  • Top tips for successful graduates
    In this article, our staff share with you their top tips and advice to help you make that right choice in terms of choosing your employer and make the successful leap from graduate to top talents just like them.
  • Tips for writing a cover letter
    Learn tips to write an impactful cover letter to help you stand out from the crowd during your applications.
  • My Deloitte internship experience
    4 of our ex-interns share their Deloitte internship experience and advice.
  • Top tips to rock your first day of internship
    D.cisions is our quarterly magazine which provides undergraduates with tips, advice and success stories to help them take their first crucial step in making the right choice for themselves, in terms of choosing their employer.
  • 7 tips to boost your job search
    Here are 7 tips to boost your job search and help you get the job you want.
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