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Looking for digestible insights on the impact of financial regulation? Guess what - you found the right place. In this monthly podcast series, hosted by Scott Martin, Deloitte’s sharpest thinkers will talk you through key public policy developments that are shaping the financial services industry. We’ll keep our episodes short and sweet, you have our word. So, let’s have a Regulated chat, shall we?

Episode 9: Sir Rob Wainwright on fighting cyber-crime
How resilient is the financial sector to cyber-crime? In this episode, Scott Martin is joined by Sir Rob Wainwright, Senior Partner at Deloitte and former head of Europol, who talks to us about how the merger of cyber risk and crime have created a whole new field of challenges for financial services firms. Tune in now to understand how the sector and its regulators can respond to this threat.

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Episode 8: Asset management: Are investors getting their money’s worth?
Money – as they say – never sleeps – and you’d certainly not want yours to. In this episode, we’re looking at how UK regulators have been promoting transparency amongst asset managers as to the value they are offering to their investors. Scott Martin is joined by Andrew Bulley and Joy Kershaw and together they dive into the latest competitive trends in the investment fund sector. Tune in now to find out just how hard your money can work.

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Episode 7: Is 2019 still on track?
At the start of the year, we looked at what was in store for 2019. We’re only six months in and it’s already been a year of twists and turns. In our latest episode, we’re welcoming back David Strachan, as he joins our host Scott Martin, for mid-year review of the regulatory climate so far… tune in now!

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Episode 6: Is FinTech ready for prime time?
As ‘FinTech mania’ rises, our latest episode looks at what regulators are doing to encourage more innovation, get ahead of potential risks, and how prepared FinTechs are to deal with the bigger regulatory hurdles they will face as they scale. Join our host Scott Martin, and our special guest Suchitra Nair, as they dig a little deeper into the future of FinTech. Tune in now!

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Episode 5: Top risks with Deloitte’s Chief Economist
In this episode, our host Scott Martin and Deloitte’s Chief Economist, Ian Stewart, scan the horizon and look at the some of the top economic threats facing financial markets today. From the latest macroeconomic developments around the world, to the risks keeping central bankers and financial regulators up at night. Tune in to hear more!

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Episode 4: Cyber risk - how big is the threat to financial markets?
In this episode we are diving into the deep-end and tackling all things cyber security. How much of a threat is cyber risk to global financial stability and what are regulators starting to do about it? Our host Scott Martin is joined by Stephen Bonner and Dave Clemente to dig into one of the hottest of all topics in the financial world right now. Listen in!

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Episode 3: LIBOR - The end of the world’s most important number
The London Interbank Offered Rate, more commonly known as LIBOR, is often referred to as the world’s most important number. So, what do you do when the authorities say you can no longer use it? In this episode, our host, Scott Martin is joined by Ed Moorby and Sherine El-Sayed to explore how the global financial sector is doing so far in changing the way it prices almost all of its financial products. Tune in now!

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Episode 2: What’s in store for 2019?
Hello 2019, we’re ready for you. In our second episode, our host, Scott Martin is joined by David Strachan and Andrew Bulley from our EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy to discuss what’s on the financial regulatory agenda for the year ahead. From cyber to climate change, we explore some of the big risks and opportunities the financial industry will face in 2019. Let’s get straight into it!

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Episode 1: Basel III and cryptocurrencies
Welcome to Regulated Radio! To kick things off we talk about two of the big issues in the massive shorefront of challenges that regulators and the financial sector are facing today namely just how much of an impact we think the Basel III agreement will have on European banks and what keeps European policymakers up at night when they think about the risks from cryptocurrencies. Scott Martin, our host, is joined by two guests from our EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy, Rod Hardcastle and Suchitra Nair. Tune in!

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The Deloitte Centre for Regulatory Strategy is a powerful resource of information and insight, designed to assist financial institutions manage the complexity and convergence of rapidly increasing new regulation.

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