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Looking for digestible insights on the impact of financial regulation? Guess what - you found the right place. In this monthly podcast series, hosted by Scott Martin, Deloitte’s sharpest thinkers will talk you through key public policy developments that are shaping the financial services industry. We’ll keep our episodes short and sweet, you have our word. So, let’s have a Regulated chat, shall we?


Listen in to our trailer to get a flavour of what our Regulated Radio is all about. Enjoy!

Episode 2: What’s in store for 2019?
Hello 2019, we’re ready for you. In our second episode, our host, Scott Martin is joined by David Strachan and Andrew Bulley from our EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy to discuss what’s on the financial regulatory agenda for the year ahead. From cyber to climate change, we explore some of the big risks and opportunities the financial industry will face in 2019. Let’s get straight into it!

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Episode 1: Basel III and cryptocurrencies
Welcome to Regulated Radio! To kick things off we talk about two of the big issues in the massive shorefront of challenges that regulators and the financial sector are facing today namely just how much of an impact we think the Basel III agreement will have on European banks and what keeps European policymakers up at night when they think about the risks from cryptocurrencies. Scott Martin, our host, is joined by two guests from our EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy, Rod Hardcastle and Suchitra Nair. Tune in!

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About the Centre for Regulatory Strategy, EMEA

The Deloitte Centre for Regulatory Strategy is a powerful resource of information and insight, designed to assist financial institutions manage the complexity and convergence of rapidly increasing new regulation.

With regional hubs in the AmericasAsia Pacific and EMEA, the Centre combines the strength of Deloitte’s regional and international network of experienced risk, regulatory, and industry professionals – including a deep roster of former regulators, industry specialists, and business advisers – with a rich understanding of the impact of regulations on business models and strategy.


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