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Sensing, capitalizing on what’s next

Risk and compliance Journal; November 22, 2019

A deliberate approach to divining the future can help business leaders make smarter decisions today, according to Deloitte futurist Mike Bechtel. >

Investor relations: What CFOs need to know before an IPO

CFO Insights; November 22, 2019

Examine the elements of the initial public offering (IPO) investor relations (IR) process and the CFO’s role in executing them. >

New paths to value for tax: global survey

CFO Journal; November 21, 2019

CFOs look to the tax function to meet traditional expectations of mitigating risk and audit issues, but increasingly, many expect more, seeing opportunity to use expanding data wrangling and analytics capabilities to drive value. >

The three Rs of finance automation: RPA, risk, rewards

CIO Today; November 21, 2019

Accounting and finance organizations are rapidly adopting robotic process automation, but bots can also introduce new risks to internal controls and day-to-day operations. >

Talent strategies for a tech-fluent midmarket

CIO Journal; November 20, 2019

Strategies such as hiring for scarce tech abilities and reskilling the existing workforce seem to be paying big returns for many in the race for talent, according to a Deloitte survey of U.S. private and midmarket companies. >

China emerges as global tech, innovation leader

CMO Today; November 20, 2019

With the world’s second-largest economy and the highest mobile payment penetration on earth, China has transformed into a global technology leader, and many multinational companies are assessing the country’s current and future market outlook. >

Weekly global economic update

November 19, 2019

Deceleration in China’s industrial, retail and automotive sectors, a snail-paced growth for Eurozone in the third quarter, and a US economy laden with contradictions. >

Midmarket tech trends: priorities, investments, risks

CIO Journal; November 19, 2019

Private companies are largely optimistic about technology-driven growth. As a result, many are boosting spending, tackling information security risk, and focusing on cognitive technologies, according to a Deloitte survey of private and midmarket companies. >

An audit committee guide for new CFOs

Risk and Compliance Journal; November 19, 2019

Newly appointed finance chiefs should develop a strong working relationship with the audit committee by understanding their pain points and keeping lines of communication open. >