Deloitte's participation in Management Leadership for Tomorrow’s (MLT) Black Equity at Work Certification program reflects our commitment to addressing the profound and persistent inequities facing Black Americans.

Events of the past two years have further exposed deep systemic bias and racial injustice in our society—including longstanding social, health, and economic inequity for many in the Black community. Deloitte recognizes the impact that this has on our people, and we want to drive change as both an organization committed to well-being and as a purpose-driven enterprise focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Forging the path to an equitable future for all involves commitment, investment, and action. Toward that future, Deloitte is committed to dismantling systemic bias and racial injustice in our society, and to continued investment in diversity, equity, and inclusion in our own organization.

In the spirit of collaboration with our clients and communities to support the advancement of Black colleagues within the workplace and to address social inequities, Deloitte became one of the inaugural employers to join Management Leadership for Tomorrow’s (MLT) Black Equity at Work Certification program. In October 2021, Deloitte took a major step toward achieving certification, becoming one of 15 inaugural employers to have its Black Equity at Work plan approved by MLT.

MLT is a national nonprofit that is transforming leadership pipelines for more than 150 leading organizations. The organization supports Black, Hispanic/Latinx, and Native American college students and professionals and works with organizations to strengthen recruitment and retention of diverse talent.

The nonprofit’s Black Equity at Work Certification standard provides a road map and “how-to” support for employers aiming to make progress toward Black equity in the workplace. The program’s participant organizations enter with varying levels of previous progress and existing commitments. MLT meets organizations where they are in their DEI journeys to address representation, compensation, workplace, business practices, and investment inequities. The ultimate goal is systems-level change that will strengthen and transform organizations and communities.

MLT’s clear and comprehensive Black equity standard and framework of standardized criteria, planning, and measurable benchmarks helps to augment Deloitte’s ongoing DEI efforts. This common standard for employers gives senior executives confidence their organization can make measurable progress and receive recognition for committing to action, with accountability, in five key areas:

  1. 1. Increasing Black representation at every level of the organization
  2. 2. Achieving compensation equity between Black and white employees, with just compensation and equitable benefits for positions in which Black employees tend to be overrepresented
  3. 3. Creating an inclusive, antiracist work environment where Black employees feel they belong, are valued, and can advance
  4. 4. Ensuring racially just business practices, including proportionate vendor and supplier spending with Black-owned businesses
  5. 5. Making racial justice contributions, investments in nonprofits that increase Black equity, and investments in Black equity–focused financial institutions or investment products

Deloitte is part of a growing and powerful MLT Black Equity at Work Alliance, a network of respected organizations and high-profile ambassadors

By becoming Black Equity at Work Certified, Deloitte will strive to be recognized on an ongoing basis by a growing and powerful MLT Black Equity at Work Alliance network of respected organizations and high-profile ambassadors. This certification reflects our commitment to meaningful, measurable actions to push the DEI agenda forward as a more equitable enterprise.

Committing to the Black Equity at Work Certification program and working with MLT is just one of the many ways that Deloitte has come together in collaboration with our clients and broader communities. Here are some concrete steps Deloitte has taken to help positively affect organizational and societal change in pursuit of equity for all:

  • Empowerment through the Black Action Council
  • Release of the inaugural DEI Transparency Report
  • Focusing on leadership and accountability
  • Recruitment and development efforts
  • Education and understanding throughout the organization
  • Civic engagement in our communities
  • Business and community advancement commitments, including increasing spend with Black-owned and Black-led businesses and suppliers
  • Founding member of OneTen to hire, upskill, and advance significantly more Black employees
  • Serving as a WNBA Changemaker with a commitment to DEI

These actions to champion racial equity and social justice are not only a moral responsibility, but also a formula for progress and success. As a purpose-driven enterprise focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, we continue to draw from our history of driving inclusive behavior as an organization. Deloitte is profoundly committed to doing our part to support racial equity and to help build a future of diverse and equitable leadership.

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