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Learn how making self-care a priority can help you pursue your passion

Once you find your purpose, how do you keep that passion alight without burning out?

There's a myth that if you're passionate about your work, you're less likely to be stressed. But on the contrary, those of us who love what we do are sometimes even more prone to burnout. One particularly vulnerable group is entrepreneurs. These trailblazers are doing great things to impact their communities, but sometimes sacrificing their own well-being to do so. This is why purpose and passion always need a healthy dose of self-care. On this episode, Deloitte chief well-being officer Jen Fisher discusses the vital role self-care plays in pursuing your passions with Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon an educator, speaker, writer, community builder, and the founder and CEO of the Village Market.

As we think about how we show up in the work that we do in the world, I know that if I'm in a good place internally, and you're in a good place internally, we have a better chance of hearing and seeing each other, and that’s where change takes place. And so, I'm pushing us to be in that space where we can hear and see each other. Love is in that space. So being healthy and being well, that's what that is for me.

- Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon, founder and CEO of the Village Market

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