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Deloitte Foundation Doctoral Fellowship Program

Supporting future accounting faculty

Since 1956, this annual program has provided financial support to help future accounting faculty complete their studies while helping to strengthen the pipeline of accounting professors who will teach thousands of students over the length of their careers.

Through the annual Deloitte Foundation Doctoral Fellowship program, the Deloitte Foundation awards $25,000 grants to 10 top accounting Ph.D.s. candidates across the U.S. Given to students who plan to pursue academic careers upon graduation, the award is intended to help cover expenses during recipients’ final year of coursework and the subsequent year to complete their doctoral dissertation.

Each year, accounting doctoral students from more than 100 universities are invited to apply for the fellowship. A selection committee composed of eminent accounting educators chose this year’s recipients who were nominated by accounting faculty of their school. Since inception, the program has supported nearly 1,200 Ph.D.s to help increase the pipeline of faculty who are preparing the next generation of business leaders.

The 2023 recipients and the institutions they attend are:

  • Daphne Miller Armstrong, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Jessica (Berube) Filosa, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Paige Harrell, Emory University
  • Anthony Le, Columbia University
  • Rachel Scott, University of Georgia
  • Rui Silva, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Kevin Standridge, Duke University
  • Alex Vandenberg, University of Pittsburgh
  • Jiawen Yan, Cornell University
  • Jingwen Yang, University of Maryland

“These grants are awarded at a critical time in a doctoral student’s academic career journey,” said Erin Scanlon, Deloitte Foundation president. “This financial support encourages the selected Ph.D. candidates to devote themselves full time to the final step of researching and writing their dissertation and is one way the Foundation can help to strengthen the pipeline of accounting professors who are helping to prepare students for the future of work.”

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