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Deloitte’s IFRS University Consortium

Preparing future business professionals

Deloitte is addressing the need to bring International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) education into college classrooms. Through the formation of Deloitte’s IFRS University Consortium, Deloitte is contributing essential IFRS resources and materials to help prepare and develop future accounting professionals. This involves offering course materials, classroom guides and case studies, as well as providing access to other Deloitte resources to all colleges and universities. There is no cost for institutions to participate in the Consortium. By contributing these resources to academic institutions the Consortium is assisting in the enhancement of IFRS education for students.

IFRS course materials for the classroom

To accelerate the integration of IFRS into school curriculums, the Deloitte IFRS University Consortium is pleased to provide Consortium members access to these IFRS course materials. Professors may use these lecture presentations in their classrooms. Note: These materials are password protected for Consortium members only. To access the materials or join the Consortium, please e-mail us your contact information.


IFRS lecture series, including presentations:

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