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At Deloitte, our goal is to separate the ordinary from the extraordinary—to take a second look at the inner workings of businesses and develop fresh perspectives on how to meet our clients' needs.

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In the images below, we invite you to look again at familiar items as a way to challenge the way you perceive the world. Each image is an everyday object photographed from a unique vantage point. Can you guess what each is? Check back regularly for new clues, answers, and industry insights.

Clue four: What am I?

vantage point clue

Hint: You might be sitting on me

Right now, you mainly use me in my physical form. In the future, I may exist entirely in the virtual realm. 

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Answer to week four clue

Credit card and cash

Zeros and ones vs. dollars and cents

We've looked again at financial service institutions and how they manage credit cards and cyber security risks. 

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Banking and securities
green line

Clue three: What am I?

vantage points clue

Hint: I like to travel

I help you get from point A to B to pretty much wherever else you're looking to go.

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Answer to week 3 clue

stack of tires

Start your engines

The future of mobility is here, so we gathered the following insights on the landscape of automotive retail and the evolving customer experience.

green line

Clue two: What am I?

Vantage points clue

Hint: I tend to collect

You need me more than you know. Catch me quick though or I'll disappear with the sun

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Answer to week two clue

Cloud in a puddle of water

Untapped potential

This week we looked again and discovered that the untapped role of women in water preservation can substantially increase sustainability.  

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green line

Clue one: What am I?

Look again crop

Hint: I'm a team player

We conducted a survey on fan engagement in sports—you'll cheer when you see the results.

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Answer to week 1 sports clue

Sports finger

We're big sports fans, here at Deloitte

From tennis to golf to the USOC to cycling, we sponsor and support sports that share our core values of leadership, integrity, commitment to teaming, strength through diversity, and a global perspective. This is how we make an impact that matters.  

Where others don't see opportunity, we #LookAgain and find it. 

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