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Deloitte Launches Generative AI Practice to Help Clients Harness the Power of Disruptive New AI Technology

New practice brings together Deloitte’s deep industry experience, skilled AI engineers, and ecosystem and alliance partners to build Generative AI applications that accelerate the pace of business innovation.

NEW YORK, April 13, 2023 — Deloitte today announced a new practice designed to help clients harness the power of Generative AI and Foundation Models to exponentially enhance productivity and accelerate the pace of business innovation. The new practice combines the world-class services, AI talent and deep industry experience that enterprise leaders need as they design their Generative AI strategies and leverage the disruptive new technology to create innovative AI-fueled applications.

The advent of accelerated computing is driving massive advancements in AI technology, which is leading enterprises across industries to radically re-imagine their products and business models. The emergence and rapid advancement of Generative AI has unlocked a host of new marketplace applications and surge of productivity growth and Deloitte is committed to helping its clients capture these new opportunities. Deloitte’s Generative AI practice will advise clients as they navigate the transformative impacts of this disruptive technology and help them plan, build, implement and operationalize solutions built on the leading Foundation Models.

At the core of the practice is a Generative AI Market Incubator with a dedicated team of engineers focused on the rapid development of Generative AI pilot programs; demos and proofs of concept and most valuable practices; and a R&D team working alongside Deloitte alliance partners to train and tune Foundation Models. These teams benefit from the deep AI and cloud experience and engineering experience gained through early adoption and experimentation with Generative AI technologies through 2022, and further scaled through Deloitte’s acquisitions of SFL Scientific, HashedIn Technologies and Intellify. Additionally, the practice works in concert with the Deloitte AI Academy to bridge the AI talent gap and train thousands of practitioners on a wide range of AI skills, including model development and prompt engineering.

“From adding contextual awareness and human-like decision making to launching new business models and driving tangible changes in productivity across a range of industries, Generative AI is transforming the way we work. As our clients embrace these new technologies, Deloitte’s Generative AI practice will serve to support clients in the development and deployment of new and innovative AI-fueled solutions,” said Jason Girzadas, managing principal, businesses, global, and strategic services (BGS) and CEO Elect, Deloitte US.

The Generative AI practice works in conjunction with the Deloitte AI Institute, which supports the responsible growth and development of AI through engaged conversations and market perspectives. Deloitte’s practice will help clients activate a wide range of Generative AI use cases — including the compelling emerging use cases outlined in the “AI Dossier” report — and deploy transformative new applications that promise to enhance productivity, amplify creativity and accelerate the pace of business innovation. Already a number of use cases around developer productivity, fraud detection, supply chain optimization, smart factory among others are being considered for deployment with anticipated significant benefits. As Generative AI evolves, commercial use is impacted by emerging ethical, legal and policy considerations. Deloitte is committed to the safe and responsible use of Generative AI, guided by its Trustworthy AI framework which helps clients develop necessary safeguards and balance competing ethical priorities during product development and operation.

Learn more about the business impact of Generative AI technologies in the new report, “The Implications of Generative AI for Businesses.”

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