COVID-19 information and resources for nonprofits

For nonprofit leaders, board members, and philanthropy funders

Monitor Institute by Deloitte has collected COVID-19 information and resources for nonprofits designed to help social sector organizations understand and navigate the business impacts of COVID-19. There’s a lot for today’s nonprofit leaders, board members, and funders to keep track of. Our guide is a great starting point.

A hub for nonprofit COVID-19 information and resources

Monitor Institute by Deloitte is a team that works with social impact–-focused organizations and their leaders, providing COVID-19 information and resources for nonprofits to help them make the hard choices and take the necessary actions to advance progress on pressing societal challenges.

We’re compiling and sharing relevant resources with our nonprofit clients as they manage the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to general information about nonprofits and their operating environment, our guide also includes deep dives into the education and workforce development sectors.

We have three different audiences in mind:

  • Nonprofit leaders looking for relevant information and resources to more effectively manage the impacts of COVID-19 for their types of organizations
  • Philanthropic funders looking to support their grantees throughout and after the crisis 
  • Nonprofit board members looking to understand ways to guide the organizations they advise

Keeping you current

The guide will be updated every two weeks, or as changes warrant, to reflect latest information.

Responding to COVID-19 in the social sector

As they get started, nonprofit leaders can consider these strategies to help mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on their organizations.

    Apply for relief funds

  • Identify the provisions in the federal CARES Act that may be applicable to your organization and submit any relevant applications
  • Identify other sources for relief funds from regional and national governments, community foundations, and foundation collaborations

    Reconnect with funders

  • Consider calling key funders to let them know your response plans and what needs are top of mind (such as unrestricted grants or operational support)
  • Consider proactively asking funders and board members for financial support, as well as introductions to organizations or other donors
  • Work with funders to share updates on policies and practices being discussed in the field to help accelerate giving

    Prepare the organization

  • Understand financial implications of the crisis, including impact on cash flow and short- and long-term cost and revenue levers to consider pulling
  • Build scenario plans and engage your board to test and validate plans
  • Provide employees resources to help them personally and professionally navigate through this time
  • Plan for what is needed now to be able to emerge more resilient in recovery

Across the United States, state economies are reopening, and guidance about work is being published every day. The US Chamber of Commerce is publishing state-by-state business reopening guidance for employers.

Key focuses for philanthropy and social sector organizations

Developing strategies that effectively mitigate the pandemic’s impacts requires access to and understanding of a wide range of COVID-19 nonprofit information and resources. Our guide details six key areas:

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