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Deloitte and the United States Golf Association

Making an impact that matters for the USGA and helping shape the future of the game

Deloitte is a proud sponsor of and trusted advisor to the United States Golf Association (USGA). Since 2014, we have worked closely with the USGA to help them more effectively pursue their mission, build and deepen engagement in strategic, sustainable ways, and bring fresh ideas and experiences to today’s golfers.

Enhancing the fan experience

From vast wall-sized data visualizations to powerful virtual and augmented reality experiences, we are using emerging technologies to help golf fans connect to the game of golf in new ways. Working with the USGA, our innovative digital activations have brought new perspectives to some of golf’s most storied moments.

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Supporting golf facility sustainability

We worked with the USGA to identify market gaps and areas of opportunity to help facilities make data-informed decisions and better manage their costs. Through our analysis, Deloitte helped the USGA prioritize investment in digital tools and solutions to make better use of essential resources such as labor, chemicals, nutrients, and water for facilities—the foundation of the game.

Deloitte and golf facility sustainability

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Reimagining a golf ecosystem

We helped the USGA deliver more value to its core constituents through developing recommendations to shape their future membership model, underpinned by stronger partner relationships with regional associations.

Deloitte and innovation

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Making connections through golf

With more than 3,000 active members of Deloitte’s Green Dot Golf Club (GDGC), our practitioners have embraced the opportunity to connect with one another through golf. In 2018, over 1,500 Deloitte U.S. professionals participated in PLAY9 outings, including many new golfer clinics, and we crowned our second GDGC champion after a heated head-to-head bracket competition.


PLAY9 is a strategic initiative to make golf more accessible for today’s players and enhance Deloitte’s commitment to well-being with an afternoon on the course. If you think you don’t have the time or it’s too tough to get out on the green, look again at the nine-hole game.

The nine-hole round fits in demanding schedules and brings new golfers to the course.

2019 marks the fourth year Deloitte has hosted PLAY9 Day events, routinely engaging more than 1,000 employees across 30+ offices nationwide.

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Participating PLAY9 Day locations

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Mentoring youth. Driving engagement with the game

Through the Deloitte Mentorship in Action program, with the USGA and Junior Achievement, high school students can make a tangible impact on a local golf course, while learning about a career in consulting and the game of golf.

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