Deloitte Asset Information Management Solution

Increasing efficiency and reducing risk through better control over information

After years of working with leaders at many of the world’s most respected and well known companies, we have designed a solution that targets some of the most common and difficult asset information management challenges.

​How we can help

The management of information about physical assets is more than a technical challenge. Accurate and up to date engineering and technical documentation is critical for ongoing operational effectiveness and risk mitigation.

In many cases, operations and plant maintenance staff have limited visibility into the current state of plant equipment due to poor documentation practices. This not only impacts staff productivity and efficiency but also creates compliance risk as well as a risk of extended downtime if repairs are hindered by poor documentation.

In addition, today’s regulatory compliance requirements and increased emphasis on efficiency make content governance critical to success—not just managing data, but also having clearly defined processes for capturing the right information, protecting data quality, and limiting access.

The Deloitte Asset Information Management Solution brings a systematic approach that helps streamline the management of content, such as technical documents, and incorporates leading practices and governance processes to enhance efficiency and remedy common sources of risk.

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Solution capabilities

Capabilities include:

  • Increased visibility and improved management of corporate assets through timely access to the latest engineering and technical documents
  • Pre-defined workflows and the ability to access unstructured information from within the context of business processes in ERP (enterprise resource planning) and plant maintenance systems
  • Simplified compliance through improved information accuracy and by making information easy to access
  • Leading practices and governance processes that help enhance efficiency and remedy common sources of risk
  • Mobile access to documentation and digital assets