Deloitte Consulting LLP’s High-Tech Preconfigured Solution (DCHiPS)

Streamline your business processes and enhance them with digital assets

Information systems are at the heart of most high-tech companies.Yet many high-tech companies struggle with data growth challenges and the proliferation of unstructured data that characterizes today’s business climate.

DCHiPS overview and potential benefits

Much of today’s information is captured outside of enterprise business applications and is stored throughout numerous silo systems that span different domains, owners, and organizations. Silos of data limit information sharing, making collaboration more difficult, and reducing the efficiency and productivity of workers that could benefit from easier access to the data. Furthermore, without centralizing the management of this data, there is increased risk of the data being lost or stolen, leading to increased compliance risks.

DCHiPS leverages Deloitte’s deep knowledge of the high-tech industry and strong experience with both SAP® and OpenText software to streamline business processes and enrich them with digital content. It creates a single source of truth for your digital information designed to increase sharing, simplify management, and facilitate access to IP and digital assets across the enterprise.

Deloitte Consulting LLP’s High-Tech Preconfigured Solution (DCHiPS)

DCHiPS starts with a preconfigured SAP solution that is tailored to the business requirements of high-tech enterprises. This SAP solution is further enhanced by integrating OpenText technology for enterprise content management, enabling the SAP business processes to be enriched by digital content.

By embedding digital content into your business processes, new approaches are possible. Digital files, such as scanned vendor invoices, PDF sales orders, and employee HR documents, are automatically linked with SAP transactions. This enables SAP users to view them from within their application workflows. The system also provides a centralized repository for consolidating IP assets so they can be more securely protected and easily found.

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