Deloitte Content Management Solution for Utilities

Enhancing efficiency & control by digitizing power & utility company operations

The Deloitte Content Management Solution for Utilities enabled by OpenText technologies helps companies to improve efficiency and gain greater control by providing a scalable, digital platform and a holistic approach to managing content. This includes structured and unstructured information across the enterprise that can be used to drive growth, enhance customer service, support mergers/acquisition integration, and satisfy legal requests, security, and compliance requirements.

Introducing an integrated approach to Content Management

The solution enables information-enriched processes to make relevant, role-based information available to users when and where they need it. To do this, the solution utilizes the OpenText Content Server software as a central repository for managing unstructured content and then as needed integrates and enhances it with structured data (such as SAP transactional data). Through this integration, which can be extended to CAD systems and other applications, the solution provides users with a single view of unstructured content, multimedia, and structured ERP data. Embedded security features, version control, and leading practices help mitigate the risks associated with managing sensitive information, and pre-configured workflows help to streamline processes as well as accelerate solution delivery.

Solution capabilities

Enables improved customer-service and billing processes

By integrating with existing systems and embedding content into business workflows, the solution enables efficient real-time processes. Consider this scenario: A customer calls to request a repair or report an outage. From there, the system automatically dispatches a work order to a maintenance technician who receives it on a mobile device along with relevant manuals and videos showing repair information and equipment parts. Once the technician completes the repair a picture or video can be captured confirming the repair (or using it as a baseline for future monitoring). Once done, the technician can then close out the repair ticket—again from a mobile device in the field. The system automatically updates relevant backend systems, noting that service has been restored. Any charges to the customer are also recorded within the billing system. At month end, the solution generates a bill that is enhanced by OpenText StreamServe. The customer then pays the bill and a credit is applied within the third-party customer account module such as SAP Customer Relationship and Billing.

Supports engineering and systems ops

The solution can be integrated with existing CAD systems. This integration maintains the integrity of original documents while allowing for mark-ups, workflows, and audited transmittals via online or mobile devices. The solution can additionally capture processes, procedures, and tacit know-how and make this information searchable and shareable. Sensitive documents, such as schematics for plant and equipment and real-time Supervisory Control Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, can also be securely maintained in the system. This content is protected by security levels, auditability and access review based on utility-specific industry practices. Collectively, these capabilities help the organization in its efforts to retain institutional knowledge and to protect sensitive information, while enhancing the ability to share it appropriately.

Facilitates regulatory and legal compliance

With robust records management capabilities, the solution supports all aspects of managing critical documents, including escalation and due-date tracking, as well as archiving and destruction. Furthermore, it streamlines compliance processes in a number of ways. For instance, it automatically captures and communicates the underlying information needed to report on HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) compliance both internally and to third parties. It also provides an automated process for authoring and reviewing standard operating procedures quickly, to replace sections easily and make relevant content available in real-time through multiple formats and devices. And with litigation activity on the rise, it can offer secure, searchable access to content commonly requested in legal proceedings, and allows it to be tagged for legal-hold status.

Additional capabilities provided by the solution may include: 

  • Enables knowledge transfer and training
  • Supports due diligence as well as post-merger integration
  • Accelerates billing processes and delivers targeted customer communications
  • Provides a flexible, searchable marketing collateral platform
  • Supports rate-case development

About our Digital Content practice

Producing one version of the truth requires more than the right technology infrastructure. Deloitte's digital content consulting services are designed to provide the strategic advice that organizations can use to help improve business performance. Rather than a narrow focus on technology and data, our services address the need for integration throughout the domains of technology, processes, and people, as well as across multiple channels, such as traditional, mobile, and social.

Our practitioners are well versed at every level of the digital content stack, which includes enterprise content management, digital asset management, web content management, records management, online commerce, and analytics. We bring an extensive set of capabilities that are grounded in a deep understanding of the business issues within the power and utility industry.

Our Digital Content practice also works closely with our SAP practice to integrate OpenText software components with SAP solutions, extending the value of your business applications. SAP business applications are commonly used in the power and utilities industry and can be an important part of an overall approach to information management.