Deloitte and Spinklr Alliance


Deloitte and Sprinklr Alliance

Helping brands transform their front office around the customer

Transform your business by enriching the customer experience with a social business strategy.

About the Deloitte Digital and Sprinklr Alliance

In a world of connected and empowered customers, brands have recognized the fundamental need to put customer experience at the heart of their organization. Your customers want to be engaged as individuals—based on their terms, their needs, and their interests. This means communicating with them on both traditional and social channels. But that's easier said than done.

Deloitte Digital and Sprinklr share a vision of helping brands reimagine their front office to become fully customer-centric. With Sprinklr's powerful social enterprise technology and Deloitte Digital's deep sector knowledge, you can extend the value of your legacy investments using a platform that connects your systems with social channels, helping you weave the voice of the customer into each of your business functions.

To learn more, view the Sprinklr-issued alliance press release.

Deloitte Digital and Sprinklr Alliance

Today's customer experience means communicating on customers' terms, needs, and interests

Creating a unified experience takes more than just technology. It takes an understanding of what it's like to be a customer interfacing with your business. As a creative digital consultancy, Deloitte Digital combines leading digital and creative capabilities with the deep industry knowledge Deloitte is known for.

Deloitte Digital has the depth and experience to help you through your digital engagement journey—all the way to completely transforming your business digitally. We bring together all the creative and technology capabilities, business acumen, strategic focus, and industry insight needed to help you re-imagine and run the future of your brand.

As the leading service alliance for Sprinklr, Deloitte Digital can help your organization:

  • Configure and implement Sprinklr core platform 
  • Integrate Sprinklr into existing enterprise systems
  • Create your content and run your campaigns
  • Integrate social customer care with your call center
  • Educate your executives on how to use social channels to grow the business

Consumer Direct—a DigitalMIX offering

Winning the hearts and minds of today's digital consumer

The traditional buying process is changing—digital-savvy consumers now demand personalized shopping experiences, tailored choices, immediate feedback, transparent interactions, and a closer connection with brands. In response to this rapidly shifting landscape, Deloitte Digital’s Consumer Direct, an insights-driven platform, connects Adobe, Sprinklr, SAP Hybris, and Salesforce and other best-in-class technologies to create customizable experiences and increase direct customer engagement. Consumer Direct is part of our broader DigitalMIX portfolio of offerings, which brings together digital marketing, content management, consumer engagement, eCommerce, and more to help drive personalized touchpoints across the digital customer journey. Learn more about how Consumer Direct can help your clients here.

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