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COVID-19 5x5: Program integrity

A five-minute read on program integrity insights and actions

In the wake of COVID-19, the volume of payments has increased exponentially. That, combined with relaxed internal controls to increase the speed of payments, is opening the door to new risks. Explore five actions you can take today to enhance your program integrity efforts during this time of crisis.

COVID-19 program integrity strategies

When payments are distributed during a crisis to help individuals and organizations in need, there’s an increased chance for fraud, waste, abuse, or improper payments. Agencies have made progress in mitigating these risks to manage payments in a more streamlined and systematic manner, plugging in detection and prevention at the right time. In this time of crisis with increased pressure, business and technology leaders have an opportunity to collaborate and enhance their program integrity efforts.

Explore program integrity strategies to help you respond to the pandemic today and prepare for what’s ahead.

5x5: Program integrity


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