Capital Efficiency Services

Strategic capital allocation and project portfolio optimization

​Deloitte’s Capital Efficiency practice helps organizations make better and faster decisions by assisting them in improving the quality of their capital allocation decisions to enhance robustness, efficiency, and return on investment.

Benefits of employing a strategic capital allocation process include more control over aligning resources to strategic priorities, more insight into the risk and return of projects and portfolios, more accountability and buy-in across the organization, clear rationale for investment choices, and, ultimately, a sustained strategic advantage.

How we can help

Our approach combines tools and techniques from decision analysis, corporate finance and valuation, portfolio management, data analytics, and behavioral economics to provide tailored insights that can enable your organization to:

  • Analyze and quantify strategic benefits through financial analysis (e.g., multi-criteria valuation methods)
  • Incorporate risk and project interdependencies in the evaluation criteria
  • Develop more insightful risk-adjusted forecasts to help prepare for and respond to uncertainty
  • Identify projects that generate desired returns and balance strategic alignment with organizational constraints (e.g., funding)
  • Manage the biases and narrow framing that project teams often exhibit in their business cases
  • Perform ‘what-if’ analyses and portfolio analyses to help respond to market changes by using a dynamic management dashboard that provides detailed information at your fingertips
  • Analyze the capital structure needed for executing the strategy under a range of scenarios
  • Be more confident when making strategic investment decisions to grow the business, organically or through M&A