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Office 365™ Cloud Migration Services

A smart, defensible move to the cloud

​If your organization is considering a move to Office 365 in a cloud environment or another cloud-based collaboration platform, how prepared are you for that migration? Deloitte can help.​

How can we help

Deloitte can assist your organization each step of the way as you plan for and migrate to Office 365. We can work with your team to assess your environment and requirements and map them to Office 365 to identify potential gaps and new requirements. Our approach includes the following phases:

We can work with your team, leveraging experienced cloud specialists and forensic resources within Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) member firms around the world, and we are also able to help evaluate applicable legal, regulatory, and business requirements—as well as technical infrastructure—to identify potential risks and gaps and offer recommendations for your Office 365 migration.

Our professionals bring extensive experience with large-scale cloud deployments and eDiscovery to help organize your efforts around meeting legal and regulatory requirements. Using a tailored Office 365 Discovery Framework, we approach discovery preparedness as a collaborative effort involving IT, compliance, legal, business, and Office 365 professionals, who:

  • Establish program objectives aligned with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Develop strategies for identifying and preserving data based on leading practices, including the maintenance of legacy legal holds, as well as process for managing holds post-migration
  • Write policies and procedures for Office 365-specific features to avoid preservation and collection gaps
  • Establish controls over data retention and disposition to reduce storage costs

Defensible disposition
A key part of information lifecycle management is disposing of data that no longer needs to be retained. Migrating to Office 365 provides an opportunity to defensibly dispose of unnecessary data can help decrease data breach exposure and data storage and data management costs.

We can help:

  • Forensically collect data and associated metadata
  • Preserve and defensibly dispose of Office 365 data
  • Archive data on standard evidence drives in a format that can be processed by Office 365 discovery tools or other leading discovery platforms

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