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2021 Health Tech Industry Accounting Guide

Insights on accounting issues in health tech

Companies in health tech, or the converging technology and health care and life sciences industry, face unique accounting challenges—particularly in the areas of capitalized software and revenue recognition. Explore our guide for insights on the complex technical accounting issues, marketplace, and investment trends in the health tech industry.

The emerging health tech marketplace

A year ago, our annual insights report revealed a fast-growing health tech sector. As it did for all industries, the COVID-19 pandemic created an unprecedented crisis for the health care industry. It triggered rapid and large-scale responses such as a reliance on virtual care delivery, an increased focus on mental health and well-being, and a push for quicker drug and vaccine candidate discoveries. Health tech innovators were critical to this response.


2021 Health Tech Industry Accounting Guide

At the intersection of health care and technology, health tech innovators have a unique place in the future of health, but they face some challenges. These include demonstrating effectiveness and market opportunity beyond pilots, managing sales cycles and capital, and navigating regulations to sustain and thrive in this future.

Investors, especially corporate venture capitalists (CVCs), can support the innovators and the industry in general. Innovators could bring transformative business models and a consumer-centric approach. However, it is imperative for investors, including industry incumbents, to coach innovators and support them with industry and regulatory expertise, in addition to capital, to accelerate toward the future of health together.

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Trends in Health Tech Investments: Funding the Future of Health

Health tech innovators played a key role in the industry's COVID-19 response. Moving forward, those strategizing for the Future of Health will likely be well-positioned for success.

Special-purpose acquisition companies

COVID-19 and market volatility have prompted many companies to go public through deals involving a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) rather than through traditional initial public offerings (IPOs). Health tech companies are following this trend, actively taking advantage of these SPACs to reach the public markets.

See the full guide to learn more about special-purpose acquisition companies.

Capitalized software

Health tech companies often rely on the development of proprietary software to serve their customers and clients. In determining which authoritative guidance to apply to the capitalization of software, a company should consider how it plans to offer its software solutions to its customers.

See the full guide to learn more about accounting guidance for internal- and external-use capitalized software, cloud computing arrangements, and more.

Revenue recognition for health tech companies

The variety of solutions offered by health tech companies is staggering and many health tech companies provide their products or services by using two primary service offerings:

  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS)
  • On-premises perpetual or subscription licenses

See the full guide for accounting guidance on applying revenue recognition to common arrangements in the health tech industry, including contracting, pricing and modifications.

Costs of obtaining a contract

Read more for comprehensive guidance on accounting for the costs of obtaining a contract within the scope of ASC 606.

See the full guide to learn more about costs of obtaining a contract.

Life Sciences Industry Accounting Guide

We also encourage you to review Deloitte’s Life Sciences Industry Accounting Guide, which includes additional guidance relevant to health tech companies.

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