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Adjusting to a new career

Insights and tips from Deloitte’s new hire experience leader

August 30, 2018

Starting anything new is always exhilarating, including a job. For many, a job isn’t just a job, it’s a vehicle that can be used to drive success, a chance to learn and grow both personally and professionally. Here, Rachel Meredith, New Hire Experience Manager, Deloitte Services LP, shares a few insights to help new hires with their transition.  


Learn about the organization’s culture

Every organization has a culture that makes it a unique place to work, from the organization’s values to dress code to how colleagues interact with each other. Before you start, get to know as much as possible about the company and its culture. Many organizations have a careers section on their website where they highlight their mission, vision, and people. Follow the company on social media to start to get familiar with the lingo and recent company events. Doing this background research will help as you adjust to your new work environment. Once you start, ask questions about what you observe to help make sense of any surprises and to gain a better understanding of “why” certain norms exist.   

Give yourself time to adjust

During your first few months on the job, it’s all about learning how to perform job tasks, clarifying your role, connecting with colleagues and your manager, and embracing the values of the organization. Pace yourself and take it one step at a time. No one expects you to be perfect on day one or even month one. Adopt a growth mindset and focus on learning as your goal.

Be prepared for the onboarding process

Onboarding is a strategic process that involves getting new hires acclimated and adjusted to their new environment, and it can last from six months to a year. It’s not just about signing paperwork; it involves making sure you have the tools, connections, and knowledge you need to be engaged and productive. Organizations want to ensure that their new hires are settled and have a good onboarding experience as this improves employee retention. Ask your recruiter what to expect during your first week and how you will be supported on your onboarding journey.

Define success

Early on, take time to meet with your manager to discuss goals and expectations. Use this as an opportunity to discover the objectives and long-term vision of your team, and how you can fit into this vision. You and your manager should take time to clarify your mutual expectations. This includes understanding how you will work together, how you will get the resources you need to do your job well, and how your job performance will be assessed. Revisit these expectations often.

At Deloitte, we provide new colleagues with a variety of tools and resources including formal learning programs, development plans, checklists, and an onboarding team. New hires are given the opportunity to own their careers, in an environment where they feel supported and empowered.


In many ways, people are at the heart of what we do at Deloitte. From connecting with our clients to volunteering in our community, Deloitte emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships, with both our clients and colleagues. During the first few weeks as a new hire at Deloitte, you will explore Deloitte’s approach to relationship-building and are encouraged to establish key connections with others. Some of your first connections will be your fellow new hires, as well as an assigned onboarding advisor, or peer-level buddy, and a coach. Don’t be afraid to reach out – they expect it. Share your strengths, ask questions and get to know both your clients and colleagues. You will find that connecting with people can be a key factor in your career.

Learn more about career opportunities at Deloitte and explore your fit today. 


About the author:
As the new hire experience leader for Deloitte, Rachel Meredith focuses on reaffirming each new hire's decision to join Deloitte and helping them with their future successes. Tasked with welcoming new hires with various backgrounds and capabilities, Rachel fosters personalized interactions with the organization beginning when an employment offer is accepted through the first year of employment. 




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