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Chris Blackburn: Balancing work while giving back

December 13, 2018

Chris Blackburn has developed a reputation as a go-to resource for questions related to internal controls at Deloitte. It's not hard to figure out why. Chris has over a decade of audit experience, graduated from Otterbein College with a Bachelor of Science in accounting, and obtained a master’s degree at The College of William and Mary before joining Deloitte in 2007. 

Upon joining Deloitte, Chris was excited to begin his career in audit & assurance but soon found himself swept into the world of internal controls, emerging as a subject matter specialist. Today Chris is a senior audit & assurance manager working in Deloitte's national office serving as a consultation resource to audit engagement teams throughout the country as well as serving directly on audit engagements for a number of clients in the central region. While Chris’ reputation as an internal control subject matter specialist is well known within the audit & assurance practice, what many may not know, is his dedication to giving back and his active involvement in his community.

Getting involved

For the last nine years, Chris has served as the head soccer and assistant basketball coach at an Ohio-based nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting children and adults with special needs through sports. The organization offers year-round athletic programs for athletes of all ages with developmental or physical disabilities. The program allows the athletes to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, and learn the value of teamwork in a fun and safe environment.

“Whenever I’ve had a stressful day, I show up at practice and see these athletes who face a variety of challenges, and yet they’re still so happy,” said Chris. “That’s when I realize, the stuff I’m stressing about really isn’t as big of a deal as I make it out to be in my head.”

Building on his love and experience of playing soccer at the varsity college level, Chris jumped at the opportunity to coach athletes when he found out they needed a soccer coach. The organization wanted to incorporate soccer into their program but didn’t have parents or volunteers that knew much about the sport. For Chris, this seemed like a great opportunity to get involved in his community

“I enjoy coaching, and the athletes always seem to be in a good mood,” said Chris. “They’re usually laughing and smiling from the beginning until the end of practice. It's great to see."


Even with his demanding work schedule, which sometimes includes extensive travel, pressure to meet client deadlines, and consulting with other client engagement teams across varying industries, Chris finds a way to carve out time to do something he enjoys. He balances his responsibilities at work with his coaching duties by being open with his colleagues.

“It’s all about communication and holding yourself accountable for your commitments,” shares Chris. “Life can be tough and giving a little help to those in need, whether hungry, sick, cold, or disabled, can make a world of difference.”

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