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My Deloitte Story: Elizabeth Stampley

Supporting women in technology

March 8, 2023

Elizabeth Stampley is a senior manager with Deloitte Consulting LLP. She has over nine years of experience leading Oracle ERP business transformations within higher education and healthcare. She has an additional 8 years of industry experience in higher education as an academic personnel administrator and subject matter advisor. Her goal is to help support women in the organization.

Below, Elizabeth shares more about her experience as a woman in technology at Deloitte.

How has Deloitte supported your career journey as a woman in the Oracle practice?
From the moment I arrived at Deloitte, I have been surrounded by a network of professionals who are invested in my success and my continued personal and professional growth. Whether in my project work or internal initiatives, I feel my contributions and perspective are valued. My voice is more than just heard; it is sought out and welcomed.

What part of your day-to-day work at Deloitte do you most look forward to?
Mentorship is absolutely the high point of every day, whether I am the mentor or the mentee. There are so many motivated and intelligent people from diverse personal and professional backgrounds at Deloitte, and it makes each interaction an opportunity to learn or to teach. These are the moments at work I cherish the most.

How are you preparing the next generation of talent at Deloitte?
I am a firm believer that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to being successful in the workplace. Excellent leaders need to be expansive and inclusive about how talent looks and acts. I strive to create a workplace that evaluates people on their inherent drive for success and their unique attributes.I adopt a broad mindset about what a successful consultant looks like, looking beyond a certain type of pedigree.

As a woman leader at Deloitte, how do you support women to help prepare them for success?
I think first as an advocate and a mentor because I have had a great amount of mentorship during my career. I believe the best way to help prepare for success is to offer guidance when it’s sought out. When women are staffed on my projects, I believe that it’s my job to help them knock it out of the park.

What are you most proud of at Deloitte?
At this organization, consulting is a team sport. You can’t be a trusted advisor if the way you engage is adversarial. What I see here at Deloitte is people reaching out to others and building teams. That level of teaming makes us feel we are equally contributing to each other’s success. This is very refreshing and successful. I don’t have to fight for a seat at Deloitte. We just make the table bigger.

What keeps you busy outside of your work at Deloitte?
My husband is a pilot, so there’s quite a bit of travel around the country exploring new places and spaces. I also enjoy any opportunity to get outside for a run or a swim.


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