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Career Journey: Jon Gonzalez

Demonstrating how dynamic a career in Audit & Assurance can be

At Deloitte, Jon has pursued a rich mix of opportunities in areas such as accounting theory and application, regulatory issues, public speaking, working with clients, even delivering bad news.

“I am really big into trying to connect my personal life with Deloitte. My boys are classic kids, loving sports and everything, but they also have a variety of hobbies. They love to draw, color, paint, do arts and crafts. My oldest son is a knitter. During the busy season, he actually came into the office on a Saturday and taught my teams how to finger knit blue, green, and white bracelets. One of the seniors on my team went to the Super Bowl and she wore her bracelet.” — Jon Gonzalez, Seattle, WA, partner, Audit & Assurance, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Being able to make connections between unrelated things

If you think a career in audit can’t be dynamic, you haven’t met Jon Gonzalez. Jon has been at Deloitte for more than 13 years and was admitted to the partnership in 2014. He joined Deloitte after graduating from Seattle University by way of Yakima Valley Community College. Out of college, he worked primarily for an audit client in the Seattle office. But since that time, Jon’s focus has shifted and grown, enabling him to pursue a rich mix of opportunities including more private work and IPOs. Recently, he worked on an engagement in connection with a company going public.

Jon’s skill with complex, sometimes contentious audit work is something he’s developed over his career, but he says that one experience helped him become partner. “In my seventh year, I had the opportunity to do a Management Development assignment.” This is a prestigious opportunity. Candidates have to apply and have partner sponsors from their own office and the region. There is a rigorous interview process.

Jon was selected for an assignment in San Francisco, specifically in Accounting Consultation where audit teams consulted on accounting matters. The work was topical—accounting for stock options, pensions, business combinations, and consolidations—which opened him up to work in short bursts for a range of clients. He says it exposed him to high-level partners and sped development in important areas, such as accounting theory and application, regulatory issues, public speaking, working with clients, even delivering bad news. “When I came back, the partners looked at me as a technical resource with the ability to handle any complex situation.”

It’s not surprising, then, that Jon will tell you, auditors must be dynamic people. “Smart is what I like to call table stakes.” He goes on to say that you have to be driven, motivated, efficient, and curious. “A significant portion of our job is asking questions and being able to make connections between two unrelated things.”

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Jon Gonzalez, Deloitte Career Journy

Jon’s key to success:

“I was fortunate to have some really good mentors from the first day that really helped me along and opened my eyes to opportunities within Deloitte.”

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High-quality audits are primary focus

When Jon talks about a recent online retailer IPO project, you begin to understand. An IPO requires the company to present its financial statements in accordance with SEC requirements, to evaluate process and controls, and clearly communicate the company’s story to its investors. It involves numerous players—outside advisors, underwriters, company management, and regulators. “A lot of it is education, helping the client understand the process, the timing of it, and managing of processes and timeline.” It’s also a bit of a balancing act, because though you’ve been hired by the company’s board of directors and supported by the company and its management, “it is really the interests of the investing public you are helping to protect by performing a quality audit.”

Jon tackles life outside Deloitte enthusiastically, too. He is active in ALPFA, a national accounting and finance association for Latinos. “I recently delivered a speech about my journey of becoming partner to a group of 300 executives, professionals, and students and am very proud of how my accomplishments have inspired and empowered the next generation of leaders.”

He is a fan of Seattle football and proud member of the 12th man. He has three boys under the age of eight who participate in various sports. Jon and his wife are athletes, so much so that for their 10th wedding anniversary they competed in the Tough Mudder.

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“Jon Gonzalez, Audit leader with more than 13 years of experience serving the organization’s complex private and public clients and transactions such as merger & acquisitions and initial public offerings.”

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