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The "what"

What is Deloitte Open Talent?

Deloitte Open Talent  is a community of independent and freelance professionals who apply their experience to project-based work with Deloitte.

Professionals in the community have the flexibility to continue to build their own careers by selecting opportunities at Deloitte that match their interests and availability. Community members have access to dynamic and challenging work in a collaborative environment.


Can I be considered for a traditional role through Deloitte Open Talent?

Deloitte Open Talent is not designed to be an avenue to full-time employment. We are aiming to build a pool of contracting professionals who want to engage with Deloitte on a project-by-project basis. 

If you are interested in full-time employment, please visit our job search site.

The "why"

Why would someone choose to engage with Deloitte as open talent rather than as a traditional employee?

Deloitte Open Talent is a great option for talented professionals not interested in full-time employment opportunities but still seeking challenging work with a leading professional services organization.

Maybe you have your own business and work for multiple clients. Maybe you prefer to only work certain times of the year.  Maybe you are retired but want to keep a foot in the working world. Maybe you need to work from home, on your own time, and can’t be tied to an office for set hours each day. 

Whatever your reason, Deloitte Open Talent is for you if you want to make a professional impact in a more flexible environment, without being an employee.

The "how"

How can I become a member of the Deloitte Open Talent community?

Deloitte Open Talent is looking to build a community of contracting professionals.. If you are interested in exploring contract opportunities, complete a profile. The profile is a simple, easy-to-use form that will allow us to get a better idea of the skills and services you have to offer, and will also give you the chance to tell us more about the type of work you’re looking to do. If there is a project opportunity that matches your skills, you can expect to hear from a member of the  Deloitte Open Talent team after submitting your profile.


Can I work with other organizations in a similar capacity while I’m part of the Deloitte Open Talent community?

Absolutely!  Many individuals working in an open talent capacity work with multiple organizations. Your ability to work outside of Deloitte Open Talent will depend on the specific projects you are interested in and, ultimately, your individual contract.

The details

What is the interview process like?

Once you find a specific opportunity you are interested in pursuing, you can apply through the community. If selected, you may be provided with the opportunity to talk to members of the project team to gauge alignment between your skills and interests and the work at hand. Project interviews will most often be conducted by phone or video and will be scheduled through the Deloitte Open Talent team.


What is the contracting process like?

Once the interview process is complete and you are aligned with a Deloitte project, you will begin the contracting and onboarding process. The contracting process will be specific to your individual situation and project assignment. You may be asked to sign a contract indicating your agreement to the general terms and conditions of working with Deloitte and depending on the role you play, you may need to complete a background investigation.

For independent contractors, MBO Partners (MBO) has been selected to manage many aspects of its contractor engagement including determining worker classification and facilitating onboarding, contracting, and payment.

A Deloitte Open Talent team member will confirm your specific contracting arrangement when your project is assigned.


What is the onboarding process?

Once your contracting process is complete and are ready to start your assignment, you will receive access to our Onboarding Hub (Hub). The Hub includes onboarding materials, Deloitte overviews, and other tools that will help you hit the ground running as soon as you start your first project. Once you have access, you are welcome to spend as much or as little time as you like in the Hub. In addition to the Hub, you may also receive specific project onboarding and/or orientation once you begin working on individual projects.


How do I get paid when I work with Deloitte Open Talent?

Contractor pay rates will vary based on current market rates for the skills required on individual projects.

Contractors are typically paid on a fixed-fee basis or based on time and materials. If you have a contract arrangement with MBO or another provider, they will pay you for services provided to Deloitte based on your engagement service arrangement with them.


What are the hours and travel commitments like?

Hours and travel requirements vary greatly depending on the individual project or gig and will be noted in individual opportunity postings. 


Am I eligible for vacation, holidays, and benefits?

Members of the Deloitte Open Talent community are not employees of Deloitte and thus are ineligible for Deloitte benefits, including paid time off.


How can I stay connected to Deloitte Open Talent when I’m not actively engaged on a project?

You can expect to hear from us in between projects, and we hope to hear from you too. As a member of the Deloitte Open Talent community, you can expect to receive alerts when opportunities arise that align with your skills and interests. 


Who can I contact with additional questions?

Feel free to reach out to with any questions about Deloitte Open Talent.

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