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As companies face increasing competition and mounting pressure, there is a tendency for executives to focus on the short term, immediate needs of their organizations. At the Center for the Edge, we study the long term, fundamental changes that are transforming the world today. Our goal is to provide executives with a broader vision and context to help them navigate these challenges as well as to offer specific, strategic advice for capturing emerging opportunities in their industries. That’s why we created Center for the Edge Insights, a regular compilation of the Center’s latest perspectives on the business issues that surround us.​

Your future business is at the edge of your current business

Read our recent additions below:

Summer 2019 edition
With change comes great opportunities.

Spring 2019 edition
Reframing work—for the future and today.

Fall 2018 edition
A future of more human work and overcoming fear.

Summer 2018 edition
Creating good jobs in the age of artificial intelligence.

Spring 2018 edition
Accelerating performance improvement through friction, diversity.

Year-end 2017 edition
Navigating through a world of mounting pressure: Accelerating performance, narratives, and the future of work.

Summer 2017 edition
The work of the future: learning, passion, and machines?

Spring 2017 edition
What’s a board to do in the age of exponential change?

Winter 2017 edition
Make this your best year and the paradox of flows: Can hope flow from fear?

Fall 2016 edition
The Big Shift in business models: Where’s the money?

Summer 2016 edition
Half-empty or half-full? The most important thing is filling the glass.

Spring 2016 edition
The big shift in business models and harnessing the full potential of platforms.

Winter 2016 edition
Navigating a shifting landscape through the future of mobility and the impacts of disruption on business strategies.

Fall 2015 edition
Disruption is a hot topic today, some might say too hot. But in a turbulent world of constant change, disruption cannot be ignored.

Summer 2015 edition
Business ecosystems are crucial for innovation, analysis, and strategic planning.

Spring 2015 edition
To survive and thrive in a world of mounting performance pressure, businesses will need to evolve into movements—defining their success by their ability to mobilize, inspire, and support an ever-expanding array of participants extending far beyond their own four walls.

Winter 2014 edition
Navigating the changing demands of the future business landscape.

Fall 2014 edition
How the internet of things and the maker movement signal the new economic landscape.

April/May 2014 edition
From an Amazonian tribe to the Maker Movement, learn how the Big Shift is manifesting in unexpected edges and how the principles of work environment redesign can help all types of organizations build accelerated learning capabilities.

January/February 2014 edition
Our Centers go global! The fundamental shifts we see in the business environment aren't limited to the US—the underlying trends and their impacts are global, albeit with differences in the rate of change, the degree of impact, and what disruption looks like.

October/November 2013 edition
We all know that the world we live and work in is changing. At Center for the Edge, we track the long-term trends driven by changes in public policy and the exponential rate of change in the digital infrastructure and compile them in our annual Shift Index.

May/June 2013 edition
Talent development is one of the hottest and most important topics for executives today. However, it is often seen as more of an art than a science. Learn more about the work environment and discover design principles for organizations to follow to create environments that can accelerate talent development and performance improvement.

February/March 2013 edition
Social data thought leaders from business, academia, and the intelligence community convened at Deloitte University to discuss the strategic opportunities and challenges surrounding social data. Hear about what they discussed. In addition, lean about how Institutional Innovation can create smarter organizations to scale learning.

December 2012/January 2013 edition
How can your company maximize upside potential, minimize investment, and compress lead times? Pragmatic Pathways is our framework for executives seeking to embark on this difficult, but necessary transformation. Learn more.

October/November 2012 edition
Increased globalization and rapid advancements in digital technology, collectively referred to as The Big Shift, are profoundly altering our economy and the business landscape as we know it. While some firms have benefitted handsomely by understanding and anticipating these fundamental forces of change, this Big Shift has heaped performance pressures on others. Learn more.

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