Unlocking the passion of the explorer

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Unlocking the passion of the explorer

Report 1 in the 2013 Shift Index series

Times of great and constant change require companies to be flexible and to grow stronger. We explore how organizations can cultivate and engage the right dispositions and talent. By adopting new ways of working focused on eliciting and amplifying the passion of certain workers, organizations will benefit from the sustained performance improvement that these individuals create.​

Read the 2013 Shift Index Series Foreword by Steve Denning.​

Executive Summary: Unlocking the Passion of the Explorer

In a world of uncertainty and mounting performance pressure, organizations face a challenge. On one side, more powerful and less loyal consumers demand more value; on the other, more powerful and less loyal workers demand higher compensation and a work environment that supports their development. In this environment, organizations need workers with passion to realize extreme sustained performance improvement.

While much work has been done to improve employee engagement, employee engagement is no longer enough. Worker passion, rather than static skills, will be critical as we shift from a twentieth-century world characterized by scalable efficiency to a twenty-first-century world amplified by scalable learning.

If individuals with worker passion are the key to thriving in a rapidly changing world, how do we find it? Three attributes characterize worker passion: Commitment to Domain and Questing and Connecting dispositions. Workers with a Commitment to Domain want to have a lasting and increasing impact on a particular industry or function. Workers with the Questing disposition actively seek out challenges to rapidly improve their own performance. Workers with the Connecting disposition seek deep interactions with others and build strong, trust-based relationships to gain insight and find solutions.​ 

Shift Index Organizational Self-Assessment tutorial

Our 2013 Shift Index findings indicate that US firm performance has declined over the past four decades. In such an environment, organizations need the ability to adapt as rapidly as the world is changing around them, continuously learning from each challenge. Understand how well your organization is ready for the Big Shift by taking this 20-minute tutorial.

Passion at work

Cultivating worker passion as a cornerstone of talent development

By cultivating the traits of worker passion in their workforce, organizations can make sustained performance gains and develop the resilience they need to withstand continuous market challenges and disruptions. Explore our latest report and video series.

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