Deloitte’s focus on people, purpose, and impact


Deloitte’s focus on people, purpose, and impact

Fortune interview with Jason Girzadas, CEO Elect, Deloitte US, on adapting to meet the changing needs of our people and clients.

Embracing potential and purpose in the new world of work

Deloitte’s distinct approach to caring for its professionals prioritizes their well-being while empowering them to find their purpose—and embrace change. 

If the past few years have demonstrated anything, it’s to expect the unexpected—and be ready to respond. Deloitte, the world’s largest professional services organization, has an inclusive culture that is built for resilience. Its proactive approach encourages bold thinking and diverse perspectives, new ideas, and a sense of partnership and commitment that has transcended economic cycles and a global pandemic. 

Key to Deloitte’s resilient culture is its dedication to listening to its people and determining what can help them grow, improve, and feel cared for. The organization continually evolves its learning and development and well-being initiatives by working to understand what its professionals need—not just for their career paths, but to maintain their well-being and connection to the value they create for their clients, colleagues, and society. And Deloitte doesn’t stop thinking about how it can do more to support its people.

For Deloitte, taking care of its people so they can thrive mentally, physically, and financially and care for their well-being is just as important as empowering their professional growth. Last year, the We are Deloitte program invested more than $1 billion in benefits, such as well-being subsidies that eligible professionals can use to pay for a wide range of products and services that meet their unique well-being needs. Deloitte also offers integrated mental health services, which provide personalized, concierge-style support for its professionals and their eligible dependents’ psychological health. 

Deloitte’s commitment to caring for its professionals—and consistently evolving how it does that—will carry the organization into the future, explains Long. And listening to its people as their needs change will be a big part of that effort. 

“Working for Deloitte needs to work for our people. That’s why we are committed to supporting them and their loved ones and meeting them where they are,” says Long. “Through our distinctive range of plans, programs, and resources, we provide the support and flexibility they need along their life journeys.”

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