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5G and edge computing solutions: Enabling enterprise transformation

Accelerating ROI with 5G and edge computing solutions

AT&T and Deloitte bring exceptional industry expertise and implementation know-how to enterprises for 5G and edge computing solutions. Together, they play critical supporting roles in all aspects of the 5G deployment value chain and collaborate on helping enterprises realize their 5G vision.

Private 5G and edge computing

5G network’s distributed architecture design combined with edge computing solutions and technology enable low-latency connectivity for devices at the network edge and/or customer premises. Demand for 5G and related edge services is expected to skyrocket in the coming years as enterprise customers continue to enable applications and use cases that require significant amounts of data processing and storage.

Private 5G networks provide dedicated access to spectrum, communication hardware, and software resources—giving enterprises the ability to deploy a range of 5G use cases customized to their specific needs. Private 5G combined with edge computing solutions has the potential to enable a variety of compelling use cases for organizations across multiple industry and consumption verticals including manufacturing, health care, oil and gas/utilities, and transportation.

Enabling enterprise transformation through 5G with edge computing

Figure 1. Private 5G powering a potential smart manufacturing environment

Bringing the 5G vision to life

Enterprise CIOs/CTOs have taken note of this trend and are looking for cost-effective ways to deploy reliable, secure, and scalable private 5G networks to better support the evolving needs of their customers and end users today, with a maximum runway into the future. However, they face a myriad of business and technical choices in the journey to realize their 5G vision.

Deloitte offers its 5G IgniteTM accelerator capabilities to help enterprises define their 5G vision, strategize on return on investment (ROI) and business case, visualize network blueprints, envision product road maps, and create go-to-market plans. AT&T, on the other hand, has a robust portfolio of private 5G/edge computing solutions that have been deployed successfully across multiple industries to support a range of enterprise-focused use cases. Together, the two organizations are responding to enterprise needs with their unique offerings.

Download the white paper to learn more about Deloitte’s and AT&T’s respective perspectives on private 5G/edge computing and how the two organizations can support enterprise CIOs and CTO’s 5G connectivity vision.

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