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Data and technology in investment management

How CEOs can deliver a competitive advantage

Disruptive data and technology trends in investment management are challenging the industry’s leaders. CEOs who are short on internal expertise are facing ballooning costs and a myriad of new applications. As investment management technology moves to the core of the business, CEOs must set a clear vision for how they will drive competitive advantage.

The rise of data and technology in investment management

Data and technology are transforming the asset management industry, defining future industry leaders. Several factors are increasing the reliance on data and technology in investment management:

The COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated the speed of change in the industry and created new pressure points on technology. Data and technology will be critical resources for leader­ship teams to leverage as they navigate the restrictions of the COVID-19 operating environment and build a plan for a post–COVID-19 world.

Technology for the C-Suite

Maximizing your return on investment management technology

CEOs can demystify the essential ingredients to successful use of data and technology in investment management by linking technology capabilities with business objectives. We have come to four primary conclusions:

Transforming your organization

The time to invest in data and technology is now. As the applications of technology expand and the consequences of its use ripple throughout the industry, leaders face a new competitive equilibrium. CEOs must balance the trade-offs that will define their current and future business. They must create a clear vision for the organization and be the catalyst for transformation. Success in the next generation will come to those who harness the power of data and technology to deliver the best tools that drive efficiency and competitive advantage to their asset management organizations.

Let our whitepaper serve as a starting point that encourages you to explore:

  • Competitor approaches to technology, including scale of budget and key areas of investment
  • Investments, processes, and structural differences that separate technology leaders and laggards in investment management
  • Steps to enhance impact of technology investments and how to align strategy and technology in order to catch-up and leapfrog the competition
  • Assessment factors to determine the current state of technological proficiency and begin your transformation journey

The perks of being a front runner:

  • 5x more organic growth than late movers
  • 25% longer client retention
  • Second-quartile versus third-quartile investment performance
  • Healthier operating margins

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