Deloitte Pixel™ 

An enterprise crowdsourcing solution

Deloitte Pixel™ is Deloitte’s global crowdsourcing capability that brings innovative, cross-functional, and crowd-based solutions to teams and clients. Our experience and vetted crowd ecosystem enable us to access difficult to find expertise, collaborate on new ideas, and even build full-lifecycle digital assets. Deloitte Pixel™ helps make disparate crowd outputs enterprise-grade and manages the processes to deliver outcomes in a better and faster manner.

Our perspective on crowdsourcing

The old adage that many hands make light work has never been more relevant. Thanks to advanced technology platforms, we are now able to collaborate on solutions and easily match demand to supply in the marketplace. In our personal lives, crowdsourcing allows us to rate a restaurant, to get help with chores, and easily find a traffic-free ride to work. While impactful, these kinds of community-led and network-driven models are just one piece of the larger crowdsourcing and gig-economy landscape. From the enterprise perspective, the principles hold true; however, the capabilities of crowdsourcing have expanded and now include everything from in-person, real-time data collection to algorithm optimization competitions.

Deloitte PixelTM has been experimenting with enterprise crowdsourcing since 2014 and has quickly realized that the underlying concept of using non-traditional methods or groups to execute work previously done by on-book, fulltime resources poses a tremendous opportunity for enterprises because of the following macro factors:

  • Increased Global Connectivity: More people are online today than ever before. Many of these people are highly educated, skilled individuals with the availability and desire to work. In the next few years, billions of additional workers will join the gig economy and further solidify the movement.
  • Skill Shortages & Talent Expectations: Recruiting and retaining talent is both a top priority and a top concern for executives. At the same time, skilled workers have more professional options and are increasingly likely to leave a job due to lack of flexibility than lack of compensation.
  • Marketplace Evolution & Maturity: The current crowdsourcing market is somewhat nascent but rapidly maturing. The number of crowdsourcing companies continues to multiply and capabilities will continue to mature as independent vendors team up to offer advanced products and outcomes.

Who is the crowd?

The individuals who make up the crowd are smart, dedicated, and often as flexible as the activities they can perform. To effectively engage these folks for enterprise activities we must use the right platform, methods, and incentives. By understanding the crowd and what motivates them, Deloitte PixelTM is able to think holistically about client objectives and offer the appropriate incentives to extract valuable outcomes.

"External crowds are often the scariest, but also can be the most impactful."

The Deloitte Pixel™ enterprise crowdsourcing process

Deloitte PixelTM-as the name evokes–zooms into an issue or problem and breaks it down to its core components or pixels. Once pixelated, we can assess which crowds are best to execute each component of work in collaboration with specialized Deloitte and client resources. Deloitte PixelTM does not operate its own crowd, instead, we have developed relationships with many leading crowdsourcing vendors in the marketplace. This approach allows us to optimize the labor mix between crowdsourcing and traditional resourcing to gain many efficiencies while delivering cohesive solutions.

The Deloitte Pixel™ team operates a fully managed service

We work directly with you and your teams to:

  • Understand the sweet spots and limitations for crowdsourcing
  • Navigate an ecosystem of crowdsourcing vendors
  • Scope and deliver solutions with optimized resource combinations (crowd, Deloitte, your team)
  • Identify and mitigate risk to accelerate outcomes
  • Design pilot programs and strategies to scale crowdsourcing for your enterprise

Meeting enterprise needs with the crowd

The enterprise crowdsourcing market is rapidly changing as companies tweak existing offerings, expand the reach and expertise of their crowds, and experiment with new offerings. Rather than organizing our crowdsourcing capabilities by company, we think about enterprise crowdsourcing based on needs, since well-constructed outcomes will often inherit components from multiple crowds.

Case Study: Crowdsourced Delivery of a Mobile App

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