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A fresh approach to hybrid cloud adoption

The cloud’s third wave is here. It’s time to rethink hybrid cloud management.

The evolution of cloud computing has ushered in transformative changes for businesses worldwide. As many organizations struggle with cloud complexity, the cloud’s emerging “third wave” calls for a purpose-built approach to business transformation.

The potential benefits of adopting a hybrid by design approach

The first wave of cloud computing was characterized by rapid migration and a "cloud-first" mindset. The second wave was marked by organizations evolving into more distributed and complex environments. At this critical third wave, enterprises that embrace a hybrid by design approach have an opportunity to not just reimagine their approach to cloud management and infrastructure, but to realize numerous benefits that can help the organization:

  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • Enhance regulatory compliance and cybersecurity
  • Enable more strategic initiatives across the enterprise
  • Accelerate innovation to drive business value


…hybrid by design can have a direct and indirect impact on infrastructure cost savings, application development productivity, risk and regulation, and business acceleration.

—Are you ready for cloud’s “third wave”?

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The Deloitte and IBM alliance

By tailoring solutions to client needs, the transformative power of the Deloitte and IBM alliance can help clients overcome challenges, drive strategic evolution, achieve sustainability goals, and enhance services.


Cloud and engineering

Hybrid cloud management solutions are not merely nice-to-have technology upgrades. They represent digital innovation that’s essential for any organization wanting to embrace the future and succeed in a world driven by data and insight-rich decision-making.







A hybrid by design approach can empower business leaders to seize the near-term opportunity to re-strategize and restructure to facilitate business acceleration, agility, and innovation.

—Are you ready for cloud’s “third wave”?

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