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5 steps to becoming a product-centric organization

How your organization can create lasting value

The fast pace of technological advances has led to an increasingly competitive and complex digital landscape. Many successful businesses are leveraging the continuous, data-driven insights of these advances to deliver more value to customers. They’re building highly effective organizations via a product-centric approach.

Find success on your digital journey

More Fortune 500 companies than ever are adopting a digital-first strategy for both enabling revenue generation and increasing cost effectiveness.

Businesses that find the most success on their digital journey drive value frequently and directly to their customers by often leveraging continuous data-driven insights. These companies are building product organizations around a product-centric approach.

Leaders are discovering that creating a product-centric organization often requires rethinking legacy operating models, organizational design, and ways of working. Legacy programs and project-centered operating models often have teams that are siloed by function and have misaligned goal prioritization. These programs also tend to lack the customer focus, agility, and ownership afforded by product-centric operating models. Product organization looks at new ways of cross-functional work, unifying teams around customer-focused outcomes and focusing on decreased time to market.

These are the five considerations to think through as you embark on establishing your own product organization.

5 steps to becoming a product-centric organization

What will you build?

Product leaders must invest the time and effort required to ensure fundamentals of product management are in place for products to be successful. Deloitte’s 5 Steps to Becoming a Product-Centric Organization can be applied to any organization to assess current gaps and identify future areas of improvement. Just as building a product is an iterative process, so is becoming a product-centric organization. Leaders should consistently reevaluate, identify new opportunities, and iterate to enhance the product organization's impact.

Deloitte has worked with product leaders and teams across many industries and at every stage of the maturity scale. Deloitte's Product Management consulting services include diverse offerings such as product leadership services, short-term product bootcamps, product leadership labs, product transformations, and full-stack product teams.

Ready to take your product organization to the next level?

Read articles 2 and 3 for more information.

Article 2: Creating an adaptable product operating model

This article presents a point of view on how leaders can build successful product organizations by establishing adaptable product operating models. We explore three distinct considerations that product organizations should address: understanding the capabilities they need, deciding where the capabilities reside within the product organization, and activating their desired product operating models. The article shares the value of defining a comprehensive capability set across the product lifecycle, allocating work appropriately to balance adaptability and efficiency, and designing adaptable teams.

Article 3: Activating excellence through product organization talent

This article presents a point of view on how leaders can activate their product organizations through talent. We explore three distinct issues that product organizations should consider: finding the right product talent, developing a high-performing workforce, and incentivizing top product talent. The article highlights the importance of prioritizing the right mix of skills, deploying strategic learning and performance management tactics, and investing in the workforce experience for the product organization.

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