Software testing in the age of cloud—new ideas and opportunities

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Software testing isn't glamourous, but it's critical. It's also often misunderstood or siloed. However, DevOps has highlighted the importance of testing and the cloud has transformed the testing process, making it faster and easier and freeing up resources to focus on human-centric testing.

Software testing in the cloud—new ideas and opportunities

Testing has always been a critical component of good software development practice. However, it’s often short-shrifted or siloed. As a result, app performance can suffer. In this episode of the podcast, Mike Kavis and guest, mabl’s Lisa Crispin, discuss the evolution of testing and how new development ideologies like DevOps have shed light on the importance of testing. Lisa also talks about how the cloud has transformed software testing by making it faster and automating much of the process, so that testers can focus on crucial human-centric testing such as security and accessibility testing. Lisa also touches on how cloud-native apps changes the testing process and gives her advice on how companies can learn more about testing and use that knowledge to improve their software delivery process.

Disclaimer: As referenced in this podcast, “Amazon” refers to AWS (Amazon Web Services) and “Google” refers to GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

By automating all this drudge work, we have time to do the important thing that we need our human brains and eyes and ears and fingers for.Lisa is a testing advocate working for mabl, helping the testing community learn about DevOps and continuous delivery, and helping the agile and DevOps communities learn about testing. She is also the co-author of four books on the software testing process.

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Testing: As automation ascends, humans play a critical role

As DevOps matures, there’s a movement to automate all—or most—phases of testing. However, human testers need to be more involved, and earlier in the development process.

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Chaos engineering: Stress-testing the cloud

Cloud architectures are incredibly complex, and it's hard to spot failure scenarios. Enter chaos engineering, which aims to discover cloud failure points, in production systems, before they become disasters.

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Because cloud is never just about cloud, a podcast about cloud isn’t either. Our two hosts deliver two unique perspectives to help bring you closer to achieving what matters most—your possible.

For Cloud Professionals, hosted by David Linthicum, provides an enterprise-level, strategic look at key issues impacting clients’ businesses. David, ranked as the #1 cloud influencer in a recent Apollo Research report, has published 13 books on computing, written over 5,000 published articles and performed over 500 conference presentations, making his specialization in the power of cloud simply undeniable.

As a pioneer in cloud computing, Mike Kavis leads Architecting the Cloud, which offers insights from the POV of those who’ve had hands-on experience with cloud technology. Mike’s personal cloud journey includes leading the team that built the world's first high-speed transaction network in Amazon's public cloud—a project that ultimately won the 2010 AWS Global Startup Challenge.

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