10 disruptive trends in wealth management


10 disruptive trends in wealth management

An industry in change

Understand how a new generation of investors, shifting demographics, increased regulatory burdens, new business models, and heightened competition will all come together and compound the level of disruption the wealth management industry.

​10 wealth management disruptors

The wealth management (WM) industry is in the midst of significant change. A new generation of investors with different expectations and preferences that have been shaped by new technologies and living through the last financial crisis, has brought new standards to the industry in terms of how advice and investment products are being delivered. A challenging investment environment, characterized by increased levels of uncertainty and rising costs of risk, is making it harder for advisors to generate superior investment performance for their clients. Shifting demographics with the aging of advisors and an upcoming transfer of wealth from baby boomers to their children will upset many established advisor/client relationships and create opportunities for new firms to grow market share. And finally, increasing regulatory burdens, new business models and new competitive patterns all come together to further compound the level of disruption in the WM industry.

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The wheel of change is turning on our industry


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