The wizard of ops


The wizard of ops: Data operations transformation

Brains, heart, and courage for DataOps teams

The road to the shining city of data operations transformation may seem long and winding. But the right combination of brains, heart, and courage can take your farther, faster. Here’s how to lead your DataOps team to evergreen value by setting a vision, choosing the right traveling companions, and avoiding common setbacks.


Every organization has unique needs. Knowing yours and establishing a vision will help you determine next steps toward your data operations transformation.

That outcome may seem at first like a distant, shining Emerald City, with many challenges along the way. But with knowledge, courage, and heart, it’s possible to find your way home.

Just take it brick by brick—and follow the road.


No matter how sound your data operations transformation strategy looks on paper, there’s a critical element that can hamper performance if you overlook it. It’s not a tech stack or a process step—it’s people.

Small gaps in understanding can have a significant impact. To get ahead of them, begin with a deeper answer to the “so what?” of data—one that is measurable and explainable:

  • • DataOps team members should appreciate the impact their work has on the day-to-day tasks of the business.
  • • Data consumers need educating on the new ways data shapes their work, informs decisions, or boosts efficiency.

Addressing gaps within the DataOps team itself is a logical starting point.


Building and managing the ideal DataOps team means understanding who is traveling with you to your “Emerald City” and:

  • • Their role or roles they perform;
  • • The skills they have and skills they will need; and
  • • Their ways of working.

Considering these factors and investing in amplifying team talent can improve collaboration, maximize progress toward shared goals, and create a culture of efficiency and efficacy within DataOps. On the other hand, resistance to change can be a bump in the road, creating a whirlwind that leaves your team stuck under the house.

To keep moving down the road in unison, you need a unified internal understanding of the DataOps team destination you’re trying to reach—or build. Communicating your vision with measurable and explainable signposts can help.

Don’t wait for the wizard

As the road stretches before you, what capabilities can power you toward the horizon?



Skilling up capabilities that power joint understanding and action.

For DataOps team members, knowledge is power—so it’s time to train up and develop new skills. The ways organizations manage and use data for daily work is evolving, and skills need to evolve along with them.


The power of communication to turn solo actors into an organic team.

Effective DataOps operating models help people align around common goals. They can also foster the experimentation, discovery, and innovation that push greater value. It starts with effective communication on the right topic.


The clear vision and commitment that drives meaningful change.

Effective change management is critical. Show your people all the benefits they can realize through using DataOps principles, help them prepare themselves, and tell them what to expect when they reach goals.




Ready to find your roar and be a champion of change?

Download the full report to guide your data operations transformation journey. Learn about the three areas most critical for DataOps teams to balance, the keys to fostering collaboration, and how to effectively lead change.

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