Deloitte’s Enterprise Business Planning solution, powered by Anaplan

Driving business strategy through to execution

Deloitte’s leading Enterprise Business Planning (EBP) solution empowers organizations to plan, monitor, and proactively resolve issues for faster, more effective decision-making.

Enterprise Business Planning in action

Deloitte’s integrated EBP solution empowers data-driven predictions, better collaboration, and dynamic scenario modeling.


Financial planning

Generate deeper business insights with driver-based forecasting, connected cash flow planning, advanced financial analysis, and scenario-based profitability and cost management.


Supply chain planning

Anticipate supply chain needs and adjust as demands change with better assurances of actual supply, a more informed supply network, capacity analysis, and strategic inventory positioning.


Commercial planning

Align annual operating plans (AOPs) through top-down, bottom-up commercial planning, including optimized pricing analytics, integrated sales capacity planning, and data-driven merchandise planning.


Scenario modeling

Easily generate demand and supply scenarios to run optimistic, pessimistic, and dynamic what-if scenarios key to quickly analyzing operational and financial impact and making better decisions.

How Enterprise Business Planning can transform your business

Learn how Deloitte connects planning platforms to improve organizational collaboration and business outcomes.

Five Key Benefits of Enterprise Business Planning

Here’s how Enterprise Business Planning improves organizational agility and profitability:

  • Speed: Integrating processes and data across functions and making information available instantly to those who need it empowers real-time planning cycles.
  • Transparency: Breaking down traditional silos and planning across functions in parallel promotes clear accountability and better-informed decisions.
  • Accuracy: Working off the same data source—and leveraging cognitive capability and machine learning to reduce human biases—improves accuracy.
  • Alignment: Improving operational performance is easier when leaders can better anticipate market changes and align their decisions to broader business goals.
  • Efficiency: Automating or eliminating many manual planning activities frees up resources to work on other strategic priorities.

Enterprise Business Planning (EBP)

Driving business strategy through to execution

The Value of Enterprise Business Planning

EBP users report significant improvement across key performance indicators (KPIs).

Three primary enterprise service delivery goals


Better asset efficiency

Through closer alignment between inventory optimization, capital acquisition, and working capital reduction


Operating margin improvement

Through better price optimization, forecast accuracy, and manufacturing cost management


Revenue growth

Through market share growth, value-based pricing, and fulfillment improvement




Deloitte and Anaplan Alliance

Learn more about the Deloitte and Anaplan Alliance.

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