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ATAGuard™: Automated disaster recovery, in any environment

Automated disaster recovery for your entire enterprise IT infrastructure

​ATAGuard™, Deloitte’s multi-cloud disaster recovery solution, automates the protection and recovery of servers and applications, across any combination of physical, virtual, private, and public clouds. Using demonstrated replication technology, ATAGuard supports Windows, Linux, and enterprise applications—including SAP, Oracle, and SQL.

Welcome to the future of disaster recovery

Disaster recovery (DR) is a challenge for most companies. Historically, DR has required steep investments in real estate and secondary hardware, or inflexible, expensive long-term contracts with DR providers. Although the cloud has helped to streamline the DR process and reduce some associated costs, DR can still be very complex and expensive, especially in hybrid information technology (IT) environments.

The future of disaster recovery and failback is here. Instead of being limited to a single virtual platform or target cloud environment, with ATAGuard you can now achieve a complete vision, and cost-containment, across your enterprise IT infrastructure.

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Simplified, cloud-based disaster recovery

ATAGuard can automate and simplify disaster recovery on all physical, virtual, and cloud machines across Win­dows and Linux. Leveraging demonstrated replication technology, ATAGuard is purpose-built for enterprise applications like SAP and Oracle. It also helps enable protection and recovery of servers and applications, across standard IP connections, onto the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

ATAGuard helps enable:

  1. Target infrastructure auto-provisioning
  2. Source and target, as well as data and system, synchronization
  3. Servers kept in sync, failover when ready
  4. Recovery to any environment

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How it works

​Managed through a web-based portal with an intuitive GUI—either on-premises, behind the firewall, or within your AWS VPC—ATAGuard’s agentless solution facilitates auto provisioning of the entire DR target environment. Its multi-threaded transfer engine helps you securely and efficiently replicate your environment, directly from source to target.

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Shorten project timelines and accelerate protection

​With ATAGuard, you can reduce costs and simplify your DR process. Straightforward deployment facilitates rapid, secure protection, and direct data flow maximizes bandwidth use to reduce bottlenecks. ATAGuard’s broad range of supported platforms eliminates the need for multiple tools and helps you maximize value over your entire IT environment.

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​Deloitte and the ATAGuard multi-cloud disaster recovery solution can help shorten your project timelines and accelerate protection of your IT environment. Get in touch with one of our practice leaders to learn more.

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Ian Easton

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