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Blockchain innovation lab for businesses

Blockchain solutions are evolving to create innovative business models—and disrupt traditional ones—in virtually every industry around the world. But capturing the evolving blockchain momentum requires a shared understanding of each organization’s own blockchain journey. Deloitte Blockchain Labs jumpstart the blockchain journey by helping businesses prioritize initiatives, manage opportunities, and address the pain points of blockchain adoption and maturity.

How blockchain innovation labs can help realize value for your business

With blockchain momentum growing, business leaders once skeptical are embracing blockchain as a pragmatic solution to business opportunities across industries and use cases. Deloitte’s 2019 Global Blockchain Survey reveals that even though the majority of business leaders view blockchain as a top five strategic priority, only 23 percent of companies surveyed have successfully launched a blockchain initiative. Why? It could be that achieving alignment around strategies and priorities can be difficult, but achieving alignment early on can accelerate the journey from blockchain’s promise to realized value.

Deloitte’s Blockchain Labs are designed to help your organization develop a plan for blockchain success. Whether you’re in the discovery phase or have well-defined blockchain use cases, each Blockchain Lab is designed to meet the functional and technical needs of all participants and cover a core set of topics that span across industries and address specific opportunities, risks, and blockchain maturity for your business.

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Blockchain Lab benefits

Blockchain Lab is an immersive experience that focuses on your industry, business priorities, and the potential for the technology to fundamentally alter the organization’s business model and ecosystem. Through our blockchain innovation labs, participants will experience:

  • Inspired collaboration: Discuss your concerns in a safe, confidential environment, away from day-to-day distractions 
  • Real-world insights: Reflect on key stakeholders’ understanding and what they envision 
  • A broader perspective: Learn about leading practices and hear insights from others innovating with blockchain
  • Faster decisions: Participate in facilitated dialogues that help compress decision making from weeks to just one day
  • Accelerated implementation: Reduce the time it takes to move forward with your blockchain initiative
  • Proof of concept development: Take your next step before you leave the Blockchain Lab with a proof of concept, use case hardening, and technology and implementation plans ready for activation

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The Deloitte difference

To each Blockchain Lab, we bring Deloitte’s deep business experience and global, multidisciplinary model—along with an informed perspective that:

  • Approaches blockchain as a multidimensional set of risks and opportunities across innovation, business model disruption, tax, audit, regulatory, security, and privacy concerns
  • Quickly identifies the most important strategic questions to tackle next
  • Avoids the most common myths and pitfalls associated with blockchain
  • Cuts through the hype and discovers the most meaningful business opportunities that blockchain offers
  • Executes an intentional, proactive blockchain leadership strategy, rather than an unintentional, reactive strategy for coping with blockchain
  • Harnesses blockchain innovations to unleash business ingenuity

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