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PredictRisk™: Uncovering qualified life insurance leads

Life insurance data analytics for customer insights

Four out of ten Americans don’t carry life insurance. While the market appears to be ripe, finding the best leads can be time-consuming, costly, and difficult to identify. As a result, growth for life insurers has slowed in recent years. PredictRisk goes beyond typical demographic data, using lifestyle data and strategic health intelligence to help insurers more efficiently and effectively find the right customers to grow their business.

Turning data into insights

PredictRisk, Deloitte's targeted lead generation and qualification tool, uses health intelligence, lifestyle analytics, and customer insights to help businesses qualify leads and better meet customer needs.

How PredictRisk enables life insurance growth

PredictRisk is an advanced analytics solution that is designed to deliver valuable health risk prediction probability for individual prospects and customers, for more effective marketing and sales of life insurance products. Unlike traditional lead generation tools and tactics, PredictRisk incorporates health insights—like disease propensity and severity—with lifestyle data to uncover qualified life insurance leads within an insurer’s set of current and prospective leads.

Health intelligence matters to your business. PredictRisk can help you:

  • Segment, target, and market to prospects based on their likelihood to buy
  • Increase marketing effectiveness and sales productivity, lower acquisition costs, and reduce business risk with better qualified leads
  • Reach previously underserved markets through more efficient, insights-driven lead processes
  • Improve the customer experience by offering better-fit products and accelerated underwriting
  • Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities by better understanding customer insurance needs, risk prediction, qualification, and fit

The PredictRisk difference

Current lead generation tools often provide vast amounts of data without meaningful insights. PredictRisk supports targeted lead generation and qualification so that sales teams are equipped with actionable, real-time strategic health intelligence to identify qualified life insurance leads.

PredictRisk does this by combining the benefits of big data and analytics with Deloitte’s patented algorithms and models, leading practices, and collective learning that span decades in the health care and insurance industries. Designed to be flexible and simple to use, PredictRisk can be accessed through the web or integrated with third-party applications.

The life insurance data analytics behind PredictRisk

PredictRisk compiles mass amounts of health, lifestyle, and consumer data and applies proprietary algorithms to generate insights on prospective customers so that insurers can effectively align offerings at the individual level.

Propel sales with big data insights

With PredictRisk, health intelligence and risk prediction can be used strategically with financial needs and lifestyle data when marketing and selling life insurance policies. PredictRisk’s analytical capabilities help connect individual customers and segments with the products that can potentially benefit them.

Leveraging these capabilities, PredictRisk drives value throughout the insurance lifecycle—from design and development of products, to accurately targeting customers, effective marketing campaigns, accelerating underwriting, and improving policy conversion.

Learn more about PredictRisk

Five ways to sell more life insurance

Capturing the uninsured

There’s plenty of opportunity for growth if you know where to look and what to offer.

  • 41 percent of Americans today do not carry life insurance1 
  • 48 percent of those who do are underinsured by $200K on average2

1 Life Happens and LIMRA, 2018 Insurance Barometer, April 2018.
2 LIMRA, Life Insurance Ownership in Focus, 2016.

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