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Award-winning AI consulting firm

We are a leading data science and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions consulting firm—with a proven track record of solving complex enterprise challenges. By combining our specialized capabilities and industry depth with Deloitte’s market-leading strategy knowledge, we build and deploy custom data science applications at scale to drive science-based business transformations for our clients across all industries. With our agnostic approach and team of world-class scientists and engineers, we can help you discover new opportunities for technology investment and transform your approach to innovation.

What we do

We offer science-based, cutting-edge solutions and capabilities across a multitude of AI solution modalities.


Embedded AI

  • Custom diagnostic AI
  • AI system audit
  • AI for wearables and remote devices
  • AI for on-device diagnostics
  • Custom integration and optimization

Real-time signal processing

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Anomaly detection
  • Seismic studies and data analysis

Computer vision

  • Inspection and QA/QC
  • AI-assisted medical imaging
  • Real-time video/scene analysis
  • Anomaly/threat detection

Data enrichment and commercialization

  • Data enrichment and commoditization
  • Fraud, waste, and abuse monitoring
  • Automated data review
  • Data audit and quality assessment
  • Data extraction and synthesis


MLOps as a service

  • Modern computer frameworks
  • IoT & Edge deployment
  • Secure & scalable infrastructure
  • Robust model production & maintenance

Natural language processing

  • Automated document updates plain language
  • Automated speech recognition
  • Summarization safety narrative generation
  • Patient outcome forecasting

Autonomous intelligent inspection

  • Remote inspection
  • Site modeling and measurement
  • Security and threat identification
  • Emergency response



Rust Belt Renaissance: Cincinnati’s OptoAI Story

For years, the city of Cincinnati has been scarred by deteriorating bridges, aging infrastructure, and unjustly noted as center of the nation’s Rust Belt. In an effort to change that, SFL Scientific, a Deloitte Business joined forces with Cincinnati's Mayor, Aftab Pureval, to revolutionize the way inspections are conducted for critical infrastructure around the city.

Led by Michael Segala, PhD, the SFL Scientific team used drones armed with high-definition sensors to model and scan infrastructure core to the city's economy. Through augmented and virtual reality, the cityscape transforms into a digital blueprint, revealing detailed structural nuances, and Mayor Pureval’s insights were translated into actionable data. SFL Scientific’s precision algorithms condense months of analysis into minutes, enabling prioritization of repair efforts and ultimately optimizing the potential to safeguard lives.

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Stand at the forefront of emerging technologies with a career at SFL Scientific, a Deloitte Business. Our award-winning team offers opportunities for various roles—from account executives and data scientists to AI strategists, machine learning scientists, data engineers, and more. Collectively, we serve as trusted advisors to executives and help our clients across industries realize exciting new possibilities through science.

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Kristen Stuart

Kristen Stuart

Principal | US Consulting Strategy Leader

Kristen is a principal in Deloitte Consulting where she serves as the leader of the US Monitor Deloitte Strategy practice. She is a strategic advisor to global Fortune 500 C-suite executives to archit... More

Lou DiLorenzo Jr.

Lou DiLorenzo Jr.

Principal | AI & Data Strategy Practice Leader | National US CIO Program Leader | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Lou DiLorenzo Jr. leads Monitor Deloitte’s US AI & Data Strategy practice, is the National Leader for Deloitte’s US CIO Program and leads Deloitte Consulting’s US Generative AI Advisory practice and t... More

Mike Segala

Mike Segala

Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Michael is a Ph.D. Physicist and the former CEO of SFL Scientific, a data science consulting firm specializing in developing AI solutions for organizations building new products, tools, and services. ... More

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