Evolving energy behaviors of the residential consumer

Evaluating consumer energy management through economic, technological, and environmental mindsets

How can electricity providers influence energy management behavior by appealing to their residential consumers’ beliefs and attitudes? Through 10 years of research for our Resources Study, we discovered the emergence of three consumer mindsets. By examining four customer personas through the lens of these mindsets, you can help your energy organization strategize and affect consumer decision-making and energy behavior.

Analyzing 10 years of consumer energy behavior

Over the past decade of our annual Resources Study, we documented the evolution of residential consumer energy management. Our analysis of the past 10 studies revealed one striking consistency: Electricity providers want to engage their residential consumers in desirable energy management behavior and enhance the overall consumer experience. Desirable energy behavior includes:

  • Practicing energy conservation at home
  • Participating in green energy or efficiency programs offered by providers

While there’s no silver bullet, our research shows that electricity providers can influence behavioral energy efficiency by understanding the motivations and behaviors of certain residential consumer segments.

A decade of Resources Study research supports these key conclusions:

  • There are three consumer mindsets: environmental consciousness, technology acceptance, and economic sensitivity.
  • There are identifiable gaps among each mindset’s beliefs, intentions, and actions. Commonly called the belief-intention-action gap, this psychological phenomenon occurs when people act in a way that fails to support their values.
  • These mindsets can be used to create different residential consumer energy personas and indicate how consumers who fall under each persona might act and make energy choices.
Nudging residential energy consumers

Understanding three consumer energy management mindsets

Learn more about the environmental, technology, and economic mindsets and how the belief-intention-action gap impacts consumer energy behavior.

Get to know four residential consumer personas

Our research on the three residential consumer mindsets lends itself to the creation of numerous personas. We’ve focused on four key personas to more fully investigate how consumers who fall into each category make energy choices and act. Understanding the motivations and behaviors of certain residential consumer segments through these personas can help electricity providers and other stakeholders influence consumer energy behavior and decision-making.

The future of energy behavior

Want to learn more about the evolution of consumer energy management? If you’d like to better understand the three mindsets or four personas—and how you can influence the behavior of certain residential consumer segments—please reach out.

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