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2018 global construction industry overview

Insight into strategies, trends, and market size

What challenges and opportunities are impacting the global construction industry? See the current economic situation, examine the performance of the world’s top construction companies, and explore the global construction industry trends that will shape the future.

Global construction industry: A positive outlook

The construction market continues to grow at a moderate pace in the context of a global economy that is showing signs of a slight deceleration. The overall long-term outlook for the global construction industry is particularly positive and the industry is expected to grow above global gross domestic product (GDP) growth over the next decade.

Factors influencing growth include population increases in emerging countries, necessary upgrades to infrastructure in developed countries, the trend toward increased residential development, and expected investments in renewables and telecommunications.

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Let’s take a closer look at some global construction industry statistics and trends:

The bottom line?

Overall, the long-term outlook for the global construction industry is positive. We hope that the information in the report helps you understand and assess the challenges and opportunities facing the construction industry today, and in the coming years.

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