Taking control of the wheel

Establishing effective operating models for the future of controllership

June 20, 2023

A blog post by Beth Kaplan, Katie Glynn and Alex Smith

As the controllership function evolves with the changing landscape, how the function operates for optimal performance can be a challenge. Organizing controllership with a new operating model that enhances controllership responsibilities and harnesses transformation to meet new challenges can help guide the function into the future.

As today’s finance and controllership function evolves through the changing landscape to continue serving the organization, different operating models and multiple requirements necessary to continue driving the business forward can put performance challenges and speed bumps ahead of a function already moving at warp speed into the future. Navigating both the speed and speed bumps is a challenge. However, finance can take control of this challenge by harnessing controllership responsibilities and new organization models that establish operating performance excellence and lead controllership to realize maximum value through transformation and beyond.


The define, direct, and calibrate approach to a controllership model can enable a better understanding of why some specific models may work better than others, identify processes that promote the best operating performance in the function, and illuminate a path for establishing a leading controllership organization that drives the business forward into the future.

Take a deeper dive into how to establish an organization model for the future with insights from industry guests who offer real-world perspectives on the transformation of controllership. Listen to our webcast on Dbriefs: Taking control: Establishing effective controllership organization models to improve performance.

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