Strategic intelligence: The key to business risk and resilience

A forward-looking approach to corporate risk management

Risk management functions are ripe for a reboot. To keep up with rapidly evolving cyberthreats, business leaders should be prepared to quickly identify, prioritize, and address these dynamic risks. Tune in as we explore how a more proactive approach to strategic intelligence can help organizations learn from their threat analysis, make more confident decisions, and build longer-term resilience.

This five part video series is a collaboration between Deloitte & Touche LLP and Invesco, with additional participation from Georgia Institute of Technology. We’ve assembled a group of panelists to explore the rapidly evolving universe of threats and opportunities that companies around the world face today. They discuss the emergence of a new function, global strategic intelligence, that businesses are increasingly using to complement their traditional risk management functions.

Learn why and how your organization may want to consider building such a program, as well as some of the related tools and technology that are available today. Get started below.

Part 1: The connection between threat intelligence and risk management

How has the strategic threat intelligence function evolved to address changing cyber and business threats? And how are organizations using this information in their broader risk management programs? In this video, we explore a proactive view of business risk intelligence and the key role data and technology play in helping organizations approach risk and resilience.

Traditional approaches to risk management are inadequate to meet the challenges of the day.

– Chris Ruggeri, Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP

Part 2: Today’s evolving and interconnected threat landscape

The global threat landscape seems to be changing by the hour. From geopolitical issues to COVID-19, this video takes a closer look at how recent events are increasing threats from cybercriminals and the surprising ways these threats can be linked to one another, making it even more important for companies to have a robust strategic intelligence function. We’ll also discuss how organizations can take a broad assessment of the different threats to their business

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a tremendous increase in opportunities for threat actors across the board.

– David Christophy, Deloitte & Touche LLP


Part 3: Perspectives from the board and management

How can corporate boards and management leverage a global strategic intelligence function to assist in risk management? In this video, we’ll explore how business risk intelligence helps facilitate strong connections with the board and management to provide a clear view of the current threat landscape.

I don’t think there’s a single board meeting that I show up to these days where I don’t get challenged about how we think about emerging risk.

– Suzanne Christensen, Invesco

Part 4: How to build a strong strategic intelligence program

Having a dedicated strategic intelligence team can make a tremendous impact in helping organizations prioritize resources and focus on the things that truly matter most. But what goes into standing up an intelligence program? In this video, we’ll discuss how to make the business case, some common challenges, and how an intelligence function can act as the connective tissue across an organization.

“A strategic intelligence program can equip leaders to make better, faster, more risk-intelligent decisions.”

– Keri Calagna, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Part 5: The strategic intelligence toolkit: Threat management tools and technologies

With recent advances in technology, it can be tempting to turn things over and let machines take charge. But they’re not always perfect. This video dives into the tools and technology currently available to assist intelligence teams and why it’s important to maintain the human element.

We need to be able to work internally with the business to understand their priorities and couple that with what we see externally.

– Marianne Nichols, Invesco

Learn more about the speakers in the video series.

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