Reimagining digital clinical trials

The age of the digital patient

Why aren’t patients participating in clinical trials? It may be because trial operators aren’t delivering the seamless experience today’s digital patient expects. Our new report explores the trends shaping digital patient expectations and outlines a vision for digital clinical trials that meet their needs.

The need for digital clinical trials

Despite the rise in the number of trials, and subsequent medical breakthroughs, patient engagement is decreasing. Two-thirds of trials today do not have enough patients enrolled, and 30 percent are cancelled after they start due to insufficient participation.

This lack of patient participation may be caused by a disconnect between patients’ clinical trial expectations and experiences. Today’s patients are increasingly digital and expect technology to deliver significant conveniences. But although clinical trial operators have digitized certain processes, they are not yet able to deliver the seamless experience that the digital patient expects.

Our report examines the key factors influencing the digital patient, looks at emerging trends that may further disrupt health care experiences, and defines a vision for digital clinical trials that meet patient expectations:

  • The rise of the digital patient
  • Paradigm shifts on the health care horizon
  • Envisioning the future of digital clinical trials

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