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Post-Merger Integration Survey & Report 2015

Putting the pieces together

This survey report focuses on the post-merger integration phase of the merger & acquisition (M&A) lifecycle, sharing the views of 800+ executives. The report dives into what drives successes, what foils deals, and what companies can do to increase the likelihood that their deals are successful ones. Additionally, the survey report reveals findings and success factors around synergies, integration readiness, organization, operating models and communication.

Key survey findings

  • Almost 30 percent of respondents said that their post-merger integration fell short of success.
  • When asked about synergies, 29 percent of respondents indicated that they exceeded synergy targets, while almost one in five (18 percent) said they fell short. An additional 10 percent weren’t sure if they met their targets.
  • Respondents concurred on the key drivers for successful integration: executive leadership support, involvement of management from both sides, development of a project plan that often included creating a dedicated integration team, and communications.
  • Ensuring a smooth transition from beginning of the merger–the day the deal closed and the combined entity became operational–correlated very highly with overall success.
  • The inability to deal with unexpected challenges was the primary factor that doomed combinations. Delays and lack of preparedness also being key reasons that some integrations fail.
  • In the future, respondents said they would focus on a swifter and phased post-merger integration, better communication, and a more rigorous process to select an integration team. They also said they’d allocate more budget to the integration.
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Deloitte Integration report 2015: Putting the pieces together

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