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A quick reference guide to hot topics in service delivery and how they play out in global business services, shared services, and outsourcing.

Implementing a true global business services model

Can it really be done?

The idea of “global business services (GBS)” has gained steam over the past few years, but it has also meant different things to different organizations. Some view it as an evolution of shared services, with an expanded scope of functions under one roof. For others, it’s just another name for shared services or outsourcing. And for others it means an end-to-end view of business processes.

Leadership priorities for shared services organizations

Best practices for a changing shared services environment

Shared services organizations are embarking on the next phase of their development—one that will likely be fundamentally more demanding and important than anything shared services leaders have seen before. Are these leaders up to the job? What will it take to win?

Transform your corporate legal department

Reshaping the future with service delivery

After years of serving the business as they executed a range of cost-reduction initiatives, Legal has become the center of attention in many organizations looking for every possible advantage. Many would say this is long overdue, not only for cost reasons but also because of the desire for Legal to become a more strategic partner to the business and a leading example of operational efficiency within the organization.

Guiding the rise of digital global business services

Increased efficiencies from the digital workforce

Just when you thought your global business services (GBS) strategy couldn’t deliver more value, digital enters the picture. This is good news for companies that are looking for possible advantages in becoming more efficient. But it also is likely to introduce a significant amount of change in a short amount of time. Service delivery transformation will likely play a big role in the move from traditional GBS to digital GBS. And the journey is just beginning.

Tax compliance outsourcing and shared services

The future of your tax department

With tax departments facing big changes on the regulatory front, not to mention within the business itself, it’s difficult to imagine them being successful over the long run without making fundamental changes to their operating models. Outsourcing and global business services will likely play a big role in those changes.

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Shared services, outsourcing, global business services, and the cloud

Improved agility, resiliency, and flexibility

There are big changes afoot in shared services, outsourcing, and global business services. It is difficult to imagine these changes taking place without cloud-based capabilities playing a growing role. In fact, there’s already plenty of evidence that cloud is already changing things, as new cloud-based services have experienced widespread adoption over the past couple of years. There is no more time to wait and see how this all plays out.

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Managing the human cloud

The next frontier in service delivery

​After years of seeking creative new solutions to getting more work done more efficiently (shared services, global services, outsourcing, “silent offshoring,” and so on), some companies see the possibility for an entirely new opportunity: The so-called “human cloud.” In the human cloud, jobs are broken down into smaller components and assigned to freelance workers as a regular, manageable part of the company’s workforces.

GRID and the five enablers of a shared services strategy

How can you make shared services work at the core of your business–rather than on the outskirts?

As shared services strategies mature, some believe the next step in their evolution will move them to the core of the business–not just driving cost savings, but performing business-critical processes that contribute a different level of value. Discover how to deliver value by mastering five critical areas.

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Operationalizing analytics with global business services

How can applying analytics to service delivery transformation produce data-driven insights to help address hidden barriers and overcome organizational obstacles?

For many, business analytics is being embraced as a way to transform service delivery. While creating analytic insights can be a feat on its own, there are often hidden barriers that make taking the next step—achieving real business benefits—more of a challenge. For some, using global business services (GBS) is a way to both produce, and more importantly, achieve acceptance of actions critical to successful analytics programs.

Robotic process automation

What does robotic process automation really offer, and how should you be thinking about it?​

Robotic process automation may sound like science fiction, but those who are close to the technology know that it is already becoming a practical reality. Early adopters in many sectors are likely to gain a meaningful competitive advantage, not only in terms of cost and efficiency, but also as part of any strategy to create a more nimble, responsive business.

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Cyber risk management

How can you practice cyber risk management in tandem with secure service delivery? ​

In the realm of global business services, outsourcing, and shared services, cyber risk is quickly rising in importance, largely because companies are making big changes in those areas—in some cases fundamentally rewiring the ways in which processes and technologies are coordinated to deliver services. That’s a recipe for opportunity—and for cyber risk.

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